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Cervical Fusion with Post Head Shakes
Judy4Peace posted:
In December,2010 I had my C4-5-6-7 fused. All went well with minimum pain. I have great range of motion, headaches 1 or 2 a week instead of daily ( for 2 years after a fall), have not had physical therapy as yet. It is now nearly April 1, 2011, for the past 6 weeks I have had involentary head shakes. Mainly at night when I sleep, I'm awakened by them. They started out 1 to 3 a night, now it happens 10 or more a night, and it has happened 4 times during the day while standing and once while in the dentist chair (freaked out my dentist!). My surgeon has never heard of this and acted offended when I shared this with him. Who else could I have told? He referred me to an Neuroligist who I see next week after a CT of my head and neck. I take medication for spasms which works for approx:5 hours. Anyone else experience this? I can feel the spasm coming if I'm awake, I get a severe chill-like feeling across the back of myneck and across from shoulder to shoulder, and a tightening feeling in my throat/neck muscle. Anyone with simular or same I'd love to hear from, so I don't feel like I'm going nuts!! Thanks
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group - sorry it's taken a while to answer your post - it's usually pretty slow on the weekends -

I've been a member of this support group for 5 years now and have never heard anyone describe anything like this -

I think the best thing is to wait til you see the neurologist - which he/she will do a complete examination to determine where or what is causing this -

please keep us posted as to what you find out - take care - ^Joy^
Nomaan Ashraf, MD, MBA responded:

This is very unusual and probably not at all related to your cervical spine surgery. Seeing a neurologist is definitely the way to go on this one. This may be medication related but a CT of the brain should be reviewed as well.