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Dr.'s Ben-Yishay, Levin & Ashraf - WELCOME
bj1208 posted:
Hi and welcome to the support group.

My name is BJ1208 or ^Joy^ as you will see it on numerous responses - I have been a member with WEBMD for about 5 years and have grown to love this support group. You can click on my picture or name and read my story.

I just wanted to extend a personal welcome to each of you and will enjoy working with you.

Take care - ^Joy^
Nomaan Ashraf, MD, MBA responded:

Thank you for the warm welcome. We will try to provide the highest quality information based on the best available current literature to help all of you make well-informed decisions regarding your spinal care.

Take Care
Rafael Levin, MD, MSc responded:
Dear Joy,

Thank you for welcoming us to the community. I have read your story and was glad to learn about the valube support you have received from WebMD over the past few years. As a spine surgeon I am looking forward to becoming an active part of the WebMD support community.

All the best
deach777 responded:
Welcome to the back pain comm. Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Sounds like Spys Like Us.. glad to see expert help here, Joy has been holding down the fort for a while. Nice to see Web MD found help for the back pain needs. ~Deach~