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Deep Right Hip Pain when lying on my right side or sitting
sdk5776 posted:
I know this is the back pain community, but I have mild scoliosis and wondered if it's contributing to my right hip pain. For the past three months, I've had pain in my right hip when I sit at my computer and drive in my car. It also occurs when I'm lying down. While the pain is lessened when lying on my back, I've completely given up lying down on my right side. I reasoned that applying a heating pad to and deep stretching of my right hip flexor, yoga and some strengthening exercises would help, but I haven't yet found any consistent relief. Sometimes stretching helps and sometimes note. The heating pad provides no relief. I've also noticed that aspirin and ibuprofen do not lessen the pain. In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions besides heading to an ortho doctor ( have an appt in 3 weeks)? The only other thing that happens (rarely/infrequently), is that sometimes my left hip does dislocate, and it's painful, but it does slip back.

Sdkelly (34yro)
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

first - when was the last time you had an MRI/CT Scan of your back? If it's been a while you may need to have a current one done and reviewed against any old ones to determine if there has been a shift in your spine -

in regards to sitting in your car - driving or riding as passenger - try a soft pillow - be sure to concentrate the area on the right side if you are driving - this is where the seatbelt buckle is and everyone tends to lean towards that way!

Sitting at your desk - you can contact the HR department or even IT department and have them check to make sure your desk hight and chair is appropriate - not too many workers know that you can do this - you can also try a soft pillow and/or trade chairs to see if that helps - watch how you sit - sometimes workers tend to lean either left or right - having both feet flat on floor is best policy for straight back.

Sleeping at night - it's best to sleep with a pillow between your legs (kinda drawn up in fetal position) - this will help keep your spine more straight and should take some pressure off the hips - also pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back - you should ALWAYS avoid sleeping on your stomach as this will make your back hurt worse.

you can try ice packs on your hip and see if that helps - alternate heat pad and ice packs - 15 minutes each and 15 minutes with nothing on it - see if this helps -

I hope these can help you til you see the ortho doctor - please let us know what happens and how u are doing - take care - Joy

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