Morning Backies
deach777 posted:
Morning Joy and everyone else. Haven't been on in a while. Pretty much "same old" with the back. Lower lumbar has been better. Mainly because i had to put my Jerry to sleep about 3 weeks ago. I don't have to carry his butt around when we go out. Although i miss him, i don't miss that. Had a birthday and a doc visit this week. Yea, i'm a normal old bugger. I got an oil change and lube and he said see you in 4 months. Hope your doing okay, see ya, God bless, ~Deach~
bj1208 responded:
hey deach and everyone - yep same here - same ole stuff just new day! LOL

I have a cat that is close to 20lbs - yep she is a fatty but fiesty gal and boy does it break my back when she wants me to pick her up -

well - got a sad day tomorrow - throwing a moving away party for my oldest daughter, son-n-law and my 2 Autistic grandsons - yea - tear - they are moving to Tucson - they have lots better programs for Autistic children/adults - but still will be very lonely - oh well, we raise them and then they fly the coop - guess not much we can do but visit -

gonna spend more time speaking with the PA about pain pump - can't take much more of this where I can't go higher on meds - so next appt is 5/5 - will try to find a doc to go see about it -

not much else is going on - take care and don't work to hard - later - Joy