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Sciatica problems.
trexsrtom posted:
Hi, I'm new to this site and was wondering what types of problems are normally assoctiated with this. First I had lower back pain then that pretty much went away. Then I got the worst pain ever from my butt down to my foot. I was scheduled for the three injection routine. After the first one, I had about 80% improvement. A few days after the second one, My leg hurt even worse than before. Two weeks a go I had a MI and a stent was put in. After about a day In a stuper, My leg pain was gone!! I was very happy about that. The problem I have now is my complete leg is numb.
Does any of this make sense to any one? I am now confined to a wheelchair and i'm not a happy camper. I can't have my third shot or any procedure because my cardio doc has me on Plavix and nobody will touch me. Please Help!!
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

That is true with Plalvix - my mom is on that for the rest of her life because of how many stents she has and especially since she has heart stents -

since the stent is in your leg, your heart doctor should determine how long you will be on plavix.

Now there are certain types of Stents that are being used - the newer ones usually can withstand having an MRI or CT Scan - your heart doctor will be able to tell you if an MRI is ok -

You may need to see either Orthopedic Spine Specialist, Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist or Neurologist -

I think an MRI of your lower back, hip and leg may need to be done to determine where the numbness is coming from. I'm not sure from what all you have had done but with most back pain sufferers a bulging disc pressing on a nerve root can cause numbness and pain in the legs - I'm not saying this is what you have but you do need to be checked out.

First I would consult with your heart doctor - then see what type of physician you should see about the problems you are having.

Please do this as soon as possible so that you can find out what is going on -

Please keep us posted - take care - Joy
trexsrtom replied to bj1208's response:
Thank you for responding Joy. I guess I wasn't real clear. I did have a MRI and it showed a ruptured disc at the lowest level. I am currently seeing a Orthopedic Spine Specialist. He is the one who recomended the injections. Also, the stent is in my heart along with 3 other ones. I guess what I'm asking is how is this problem resolved? Will time alone fix it? Do they have a surgical procedure to fix it? I appreciate your help. Tom
bj1208 replied to trexsrtom's response:
Hi Tom -

Since you have so many stents the heart surgeon will have to make the call as far as what type of treatments the Orthopedic Spine Specialist can do - a ruptured disc does not heal itself - they usually get worse. Sometimes the injections can help with reduction in pains - there are surgical procedures but that depends on how bad the disc is and what the OSS (Ortho) recommends - You have stents and being on plavix makes it hard to decide what needs to be done -

I do know my mom will be on plavix the rest of her life - right now she had gall bladder stones and needs to have them removed - before she does that she needs to be off the plavix a certain amount of days before the surgery and the has to get back on it 2-3 days after - now she did have to wait a full year of being on the plavix to make sure the heart stents heal as they do take long than other stents -

this is why it's vital that your heart surgeon and the OSS discuss your situation -

everyone is different in how the injections work - some they work great and reduce the pains while others they do not work - I was one that the injections did nothing for me.

so do check with your heart doc - be sure he knows exactly what the OSS has found out about your disc -

keep me posted as to what you find out - take care - Joy
trexsrtom replied to bj1208's response:
Thanks Joy, I have a appt with the Orthopedic Spine Specialist this Friday. I'm sure the cardio guy will want me on plavix for at least 6 month before he will let me get off for a few days. I had a home phys therapist here today and that went pretty well. I just have a real hard time controling that leg since I can't feel it. I just pray to God that the nerve is not permanately damaged. She also said that some of the new meds they have me on could cause BP to go to low. That's just great. Between that and my sugar going to low, the odds of me passing out are pretty good.
Oh well............. Tom.
Nomaan Ashraf, MD, MBA replied to trexsrtom's response:

It sounds like you have a disc herniation at L5-S1 (the lowest disc). When a disc pinches a nerve you can have symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the leg in addition to the low back pain. Usually though these symptoms are only in a portion of the leg (ie: just the back of the thigh and leg) and not the entire leg.
The majority of the time this condition does not need surgery. Surgery is only recommended as a last resort and is totally elective unless their is compression of the nerves to the bladder and bowels.
The other reasons that people have surgery is if the symptoms of pain and numbess are not tolerable or if there is progressive weakness in the leg.

The most important thing here is to realize that the heart condition is life threatening and the spinal condition is not. Permanent nerve damage is rare so take care of the heart first and discuss this with your spine specialist
hope this was helpful

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