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    July Mornin Moanin
    deach777 posted:
    Hi Joy, Dave and everyone. Its been a very hot month so far. Too many 100+ days. We set a record here in Reading Pa. of 106 the other day. Todays a bit cooler and a storm is on our doorsteps. Yaaaa
    Finally some rain. I've been fighting sinusitis and stomach problems which made me go off backpain meds for a bit. Boy the neck and lower lumbar are nasty without them. Really fun working but i need the health insurance. Its lonely here without Jerry by my side. Maybe another dog will come along, just maybe... I've been doing some house renovating but hit a wall. A family finance problem came up so until money rolls in the projects will sit. Will sitting here is not fun and it starting to rainand get windy, so i'll see ya all. God bless, ~Deach~
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hey, Deach!! Great to see a post from you.

    Hot all over the US and even up into Canada. We were at 95 a few times last week with a heat index well over 100. We are very thankful we have central air in our tiny cape.

    Rained here a little yesterday and a lot today. Could still use more.

    I'm doing OK with my back - same old stuff. Managing it the best I can.

    Hope to see you again soon.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. Blessings, -Dave
    deach777 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hi Dave, I just posted in time, the storm knocked my elec. off. We got a needed 1" in a short time, moving East now. Glad your managing with your pains. Hope the wife and boys are doing ok also. Ex. 5 months til Christmas LOL ~Deach~
    bj1208 responded:
    Hey Deach, Dave and everyone - yep we have the wonderful heat wave too - guess it doesn't matter what the temp is cause the heat index is the devil - we've had heat index readings of 105 to 115 - even it 118!!! Sizzle!!

    at least the temps are getting into the upper 70's at night so the pool temp is staying at a nice 91 degrees - I can only handle about an hour out in the water - even laying across the raft and letting my legs hang in the deep end - just too darn hot and we have the full east to west on the pool - so no shade til after 7:30 or 8pm -

    well my hubby has been traveling with his work -he's on the east side of St. Louis - actually on the Illinois side - working on a refinery - it will be able to extract sand/oil and separate the 2 putting the sand back into the earth - big project and guess he's gonna travel with the company for a while - being a traveler he makes more money than working here at home - sure do miss him -

    my cousin has been coming down and staying with me - we grew up together so she is just like a sister to me - we get a long great - she really helps me a lot - great cook and she even vacuums for me!

    Deach - I'm so sorry bout Jerry - our boxer, Otis is really getting up in the years - he has a lot of grays around his mouth and he's just not as healthy as he used to be so am hoping he stays with us another year or two - he's 9 1/2 yrs old and boxers can live 10-14 yrs so we are getting close - gosh I don't know how u went off your pain meds - I can't even miss a day without crying the pain is so bad. hope you get to feeling better and don't overdo it on truck days (if u still do at new store) - take it easy!

    Dave - I hope you are doing well and your wife too - sorry to hear of all the problems she had with her job related injury - hope she's doing better.

    Well it's getting late and I need to get some ice/heat on my back - take care - later - Joy
    deach777 replied to bj1208's response:
    Morning Joy, I guess you can call your pool a Hot tub. Man, thats warm. You need some blocks of ice like i've seen on TV, some hotels throw them in to cool it a bit.

    Pretty nice so far today, 75 but going up to upper 80's later. Not feeling so hot today, my neck ughhhh. I have to work evening shift so that helps. Since we have the new store i don't have to unload, just stock shelves. Blesssings,.
    Hope your hubby don't have to stay away to long. Remember what they say, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". See ya, ~Deach~
    orangetabby replied to deach777's response:
    Hello Gang! Not many here anymore, eh?

    We have had that terrible heat and humidity too. One night it was still 90 degrees at 10:00 p.m.! Awful! I know we went above 100 degrees, but don't think we hit 106, Deach. When its that bad it is like walking into a wall when you go outside. You just can hardly breathe.

    Deach, I do think that another 'Jerry' would be a good thing for you. A younger one though that you do not have to carry outside. Poor Jerry, he was a wonderful companion to you and at the end, needed you so much to make him comfy.

    It is good to hear that you don't have to go in an unload the trucks anymore deach. If you can keep working, it is a good thing to have that health insurance covered.

    Well, I've been melting over here too. Started getting iced coffee as a cooling tool. That really has helped as well as tasting good! My cats are doing well but I think they feel better in the cooler weather too. Not much else happening around here. I cannot afford to do anything either. Funds are way tight for me as well.

    Take care, orange
    deach777 replied to orangetabby's response:
    Hey OT, looks like most of the countrys in the heat. Nice day here so far but going up again later. Although i'd like another dog right now, the maintenance of them stops me.
    Keep cool and have a great day, ~Deach~
    fenton04 replied to deach777's response:
    hey deach just dropped by to say hi. Its been two years since my back incident and to say I am a little sad that I have not had much of an improvement would be an understatement. But I am thankful that I have not fallen with the help of physically therapy. I guess its all baby steps with the backie moanin.......
    bj1208 replied to fenton04's response:
    hi fenton - been a while since you been on board - glad to see ur still around -

    keep us posted as to how u are doing - take care - Joy
    deach777 replied to fenton04's response:
    Hi fenton, i drop by myself, just to do a little moanin. We all need to moan a little to others that know our pain. Sometimes we expect to much and forget the good things we have. Have a great summer, God Bless, ~Deach~
    fenton04 replied to bj1208's response:
    Joy I was close to your place last week, Kids took me fishing at Bennett Springs near Springfield. I haven t fished in two years. They bought me a fishing wading staff and it worked great. I was only physically able to fish for 3 hours but that is a huge step forward. But the heat was brutal!!!!
    bj1208 replied to fenton04's response:
    Hey there - boy that sounds great~~ Hubby and I are planning on gong to Ozarks for Labor Day weekend - hope anyways - can't make plans cause of his work in the Union - seems they always have a call out for power plants this time of the year - but hope we can do that -

    Springfield is about 3-4 hours south of me - and yes the heat was a killer - at least we've been having rain storms comes thru and cooler temps - our A/C is actually working the way it's supposed to! LOL -

    glad you enjoyed yourself - 3 hours of fishing is quite a while - did you catch anything?

    later - Joy
    fenton04 replied to bj1208's response:
    I kept three trout 2 of them at least a pound and half thank you very much. But now that I am not fishing the weather in Missouri is glorious. Wouldn t you know it!!!!!
    bj1208 replied to fenton04's response:
    LOL! You got that right - and what's weird is August is supposed to be our hottest month - Think we're gonna close pool up real soon - my daughter and I tried to go swimming yesterday - brrrrrr it was very chilly especially getting out of the water - the temp in the pool went from 91 degrees down to 84 so big difference - with the evening temps in the low 60's and day temps in the upper 70's, 80's to low 90's the water has really cooled off fast -

    oh well looks like we will have the same pattern for winter this year as the last 2 years - and that's LOTS OF SNOW!!

    take care - Joy

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