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    A Chiropractor?
    dibbits0530 posted:
    I have been a member of this board for some time now and been lurking when I can. Which is not too often. So I find myself more available to a computer, and would like to ask a question that scares me. LOL well at least the thought of it does. I have been diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis, Foraminal Stenosis and Right Sided Radicular Syndrome. All of this is in the areas of L-1 through L-5 and S-1 through S-2 (me thinks) . I could be wrong about some of this but it is what I have gathered from medical records. I do have a severe hearing loss which makes communication extremely difficult since I cannot afford hearing aids. Anyway the question is and this may be for the experts is that some folks recently recommended that I go to a Chiropractor to have my back re-aligned. So far as I know, I have 5 discs that are out and at least one is bulging. Is there any validity to this recommendation?
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello, David. Good to see a post from you again.

    I am a strong proponent for chiropractic adjustments. Make sure you have an accurate diagnosis from a spine specialist such as a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon after a spinal MRI or CT scan has been performed and analyzed. Also make sure the chiropractor you choose does not use gimmicks like laser treatments, spinal decompression, strange diets and supplements, etc.

    I have been seeing my current chiropractor for 8 years with great success. He practices "straight chiropracty". No gimmicks, no odd diets or drugs, just a good adjustment when needed and advice for following a healthy lifestyle. I go about once per month. Our chiro also treats my wife for a back sprain injury she sustained at work earlier this year and adjusts our sons - ages 20 and almost 22 - a few times per year. If you do as my signature says and read my story, you will see how serious my spinal problems are. While I am never nor ever hope to be pain free, the methods I use reduce my pain levels to pretty much tolerable levels. A chiropractic adjustment aligns my spine and alleviates some of my pain and helps me to function better.

    Just remember a chiropractor is not a medical doctor and should never be used to diagnose your conditions. Get the diagnosis from a spine specialist as mentioned above and use the chiro as part of your pain management tools. Everyone is different, too, and chriopractic adjustments may or may not help you. Just be aware of all the risks, advantages and disadvantages. Research local chiropractors and see how other patients are reviewing them.

    I pray this is successive for you and give you some relief. Let us know how you are doing.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    DianeR01 responded:
    Hi dibbits!

    It's good to see you again.

    If you use chiropractic please shop around and be very comfortable with the type of treatment reccomended before proceeding. I think Dave has given you some good advice for looking for care.

    I have used a chiropractor and was not harmed in any way but do not feel I got the desired results. It is very possible I had unrealistic expectations.

    I guess this is neither a vote for or against chiropractic treatent, but a heads up to shop carefully and listen to your gut.

    dibbits0530 replied to davedsel57's response:
    hi dave and thanks for your reply

    my doctor is a back doctor. whatever that means. here in vermont we are limited as to what we can get as far as specialists. i do not have much faith in this guy anymore since all he has done for me was to take an xray, send me a couple of times to a physical therapist(lastest which i am doing now is aquatic therapy) then send me to a physiatrist. 2-4 times a year i will get an epidural. they remove maybe 40 to 50% of the pain for awhile but the moment i try to do anything around the house, it all goes away and the pain is right back to where it started from. i was talking to a woman on the bus the other day about a spinal chord stimulator. she has one and says it works very well. what can be said about them? we do have an excellent chiropractor in the area that i believe i can put my trust in. i want to explore that with my new PCP in the coming weeks.


    right now i am in the process of obtaining a new PCP and plan to talk about my choices and where i might go to get the best treatment. perhaps somewhere else in the state or over across the border in New Hampshire will gain me better results.
    dibbits0530 replied to DianeR01's response:
    thanks di

    i am going to be working on new or more effective treatments in the near future. thanks for your vote of confidence


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