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Has anyone used an Orthofix Spinal-Stim Bone Growth Stimulator?
Anon_153382 posted:
Hi everybody I recently had a back fusion between the L-4, L-5, and S-1. 6 screws cages, rods, etc. My doc gave me a Orthofix Spinal-Stim Bone Growth Stimulator. Has anyone had experience with one of these? And I have a very stupid question, I seem to have done everything right and the timer in the little box is showing my treatment time but there is absolutely no noise or vibration. It doesn't even feel like it's on but I seeem to have done everything right. Can anyone help me please?
paul7272 responded:
Hello, I had the same surgery on August 1st and my dr. also gave me the Orthofix Spinal Stim. I wear it everyday, but I am not sure what it is doing. In speaking with a friend, he indicated that his Mom had to wear it and same comment, but felt if helped her recovery.

Good luck.
dianer01 responded:
Hi Anon:

I had L3 - S1 fused and had a bone growth stimulator several years ago. You do not feel anything, it sends an electrical current into you which is designed to stimulate the cells. Just like if you held either end of a battery, you have closed a circuit but do not feel anything.

I wore mine from the time I got dressed in the morning until I went to bed. I really don't know if it helped or not, but I had a successful fusion and the doc seemed pleased with my progress each time I went for follow up.

Good luck and be patient, it sounds like you are doing everything right.

christluvs responded:

what was your dosage prescribed by the Dr........need to know real bad, had the same surgery!
bj1208 replied to christluvs's response:
hi christluvs and welcome to the support group -

the item you are asking about has nothing to do with dosage but rather a brace that wraps around you and stimulates bone growth. you charge it, kinda like cell phones, and wear it for 4-8 hours a day. see link -

I had one that I wore after my fusion surgery. I had to wear it for 4 hours a day and what I did was wake up around 3am to 4am and put it on went back to bed (set alarm to wake at 8am) and I was done for the day.

is there something else that you have been prescribed that you are getting it mixed up with this?

please let us know - take care - Joy
mghyd13 responded:
I had back fusion at L-4, L-5, and S-1. I have the Spinal-stim which has been prescribed for two hours of use per day. The only way I have been able to detect it is when I use my portable phone in my home. I hear steady beeps through the phone.

I have struggled with my back for many years off and on, but the last three years have been nearly intolerable. Finally, because of disc degeneration, the nerves at those levels were pinched, and my spine was very unstable. I am using my device exactly as prescribed, and I wear my brace all day, also as prescribed. I am determined not to have to go through this again, but if I do, it won't be because I haven't followed my doctor's orders.

As of right now, I am four weeks post-surgery, and I am walking two or more miles per day. Some days are a bit easier than others, but prior to my surgery, I could, maybe, walk as far as 200 ft from my house and back. I go for my first postop check up on Friday which will include x-rays. I am tentatively optimistic.

I hope your recovery goes well.

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