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Thorasic Bulging Discs with left leg pain and numbness
BeccaK607 posted:
In May I accomplished injuring my back. I have 4 bulging discs in my thorasic area, T4,T5,T6,T7 as per my orthopedic surgeon. I have been on pain medication and muscle relaxers. Right now the main focus is physical therapy which is mostly aquatic. The therapy helps. They still have not figured out what is causing my leg numbness. Now that is combined with severe weakness in both of my knees. They "give out" on me at any given time this has been on going for about 5 days. I won't be able to see my surgeon for a week and I am very uncomfortable. My knees are aching as well as my back. I was told it can't be a from the bulging discs in my back. Also I have had 2 epidermal stertoid injections. The first one did nothing, the second one worked but it feels like it's wearing off. I'm very scared about the leg pain and numbness that seems to be more and more frequent. Any suggestions would be wonderful!
davedsel57 responded:

Sounds like it is time for another opinion, either from an orthopedic spine specialist or a neurological spine specialist. Take copies of all diagnostic testing reports and get copies of your films and take them, too. A fresh set of testing, such as a spinal MRI or CT scan, may be needed by the new specialist for a fresh perspective.

I pray you can get this resolved soon.
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mskite responded:
Dave gave you the best advice you can get. Also these bulging discs may have to be replaced or put back in place and fastened with plates. This is from personal experience on one in my neck.
Ari Ben-Yishay, MD responded:
You must make sure you've had an MRI of your LUMBAR spine and not only Thoracic. Your symptoms are more likely from the lumbar area. See your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.
Good Luck
Dr Ben YIshay