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how to stop abusing meds and get back on track with something that works
huntercarp posted:
I had a lower lumbar spinal fusion alittle over a year ago. Im perscribed percocet 10/325 for pain. they stopped working but my wife didnt want me upping my dose or getting anything stronger and like an idiot I started snorting them, because the worked better. Now Im hooked and Iam snorting more than Im perscribed and running out every month. Im saffraid to tell my Doctor because I need the pain meds. Dont know what to do but I cant keep snorting 7 to 10 percs a day. im affraid my Dr. will cut me off or stop seeing me if I tell him. I really just to take more a day so I didnt need to snort them or something stronger. I mentioned switching once before and he wanted to put a device inside me that goes under my skin in my belly and a stint in my spine tht shocks you when u have pain and i dont want that, just some meds that work nomore procedures. Can someone help me?
DianeR01 responded:

I am afraid I am going to say what you don't want to hear. You need to come clean with your doc and get some help. First of all, what are you doing to control pain when you run out? Second, what do you think you are doing to your sinuses and brain?

Ok, the lecture is over. Yes it will be a scary thing to go to the doc and yes, he may stop seeing you but you can't keep this up. You may need to complete a rehab program to get back into a pain control program but you could have much more serious issues if you keep snorting this stuff.

I wish the best for you and hope you get the help you need.
bj1208 responded:
Hi - yes DI gave u great information -


every time you snort this you are snorting 325mg of TYLENOL - this will damage all membranes in your sinus cavity and also will damage your brain too


WE are looking out for your concern - yes you need to come clean to your doctor - this is a very bad habit and you are doing so much more damage to your body -

as DI stated what are u doing when you run out -

What the doctor wants to do, the procedure, is a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR IMPLANT - what this does, and all you feel is a little bubbles in your back, it sends a signal to your brain stating there is no pain -

there are lots of members that have this and swear by it that it reduces their pains by 25-45% -

YES YOU NEED TO COME CLEAN with your doctor and tell him what's going on - this procedure may help you - check into it -

GET off of snorting - the Tylenol can and may start your membranes to start bleeding -

Please keep us updated - Joy
mskite responded:
Hunter, I just checked and there IS a trial period in hospital before a stimulator is implanted to see how much relief you will get from it. The same goes for a pain pump that at times only requires only 1/300 of the pain med a pill has to relieve pain. Discuss them with your DR and good luck.
Ari Ben-Yishay, MD responded:
You need to tell your doctor and get rehab. Difficult thing to do but not complicated.
Good luck
Dr Ben Yishay
gauthi8 responded:
I know exactly were you are coming from. My husband is in chronic and severe pain everyday. I go with him to the doctors and I see him in the pain. Your wife needs to understand the kind of pain you are in and if she cant? Well if I was in pain I would say too bad. She is not living in your body. People all too often do not really understand chronic pain, even when they love you. I understand her concerns and they are all too real. Please I do not mean any disrespect towards her at all...Most people do not understand. If they can not physically see the pain it must not be that bad. Talk with your doctor he is suppose to help you. It is called a~~ Doctors Promise~~ If you do tell him he can either help you and increase your medicine or he can say I do not want to see you anymore because you have violated the code of ethics you signed when you first filled out your paperwork. He can and he might. If he does tell you need to find another doctor.If he tells you , "I am sorry I can no longer help you." He has to under law give you a 2 week supply so you have time to do whatever you need to. You did sign a paper for this as well. It will be under something like~~Violations and Actions if you take your medicine wrong or too soon. It is there. You just need to look at it, read it and it is easy and straight forward. It is usually only on one sheet of paper it may say Contract. I would never encourage someone to lie to their doctor, however I do understand why you are scared to tell him the truth but it will not get better until you either tell him to increase your meds and if he doesn't you will need to find a new doctor anyway. He can not do anything until you talk to him and if you lie he will be making a decision based on a lie and how can that help you? You also must be honest with yourself. Not to mean any disrespect to you but it is something that must be asked . .... Are you taking your meds this way for the high or simply because of the pain. I am a recovering narcotic addict and my husband has sever pain and relies on pain medication to simply survive. I do understand both sides. If you are a very disciplined and honest person I would simply tell the doctor to up your meds. and not mention how you are taking them. Either way in the end that is probably what will happen but, I would rather see you do it under a doctors care and to be honest. I may even make an appointment for a new doctor ahead of time just in-case he wants to remove you from his practice.See I have been through both sides. The addict side and the side to fight for my husband when he needed me to. My husband does not look sick in fact he looks very healthy and when around other people he goes out of his way to be nice and outgoing . The laws are coming down on these doctors and they must be careful and aware if their patients are being truthful or if they are hurting themselves with these drugs.. I hope all gowoes well for you . Good luck and let me know how things go for you...

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