backbreaking posted:
Just moaning and sick of this back and leg pain.
rockymtn7 responded:
Look at top of this page under Dave, or ask me I am a new to the community but had back fusion years ago. it all started with pain in the leg. i suggest seeing a specialist. but once again in look seriously at Daves secton then make an an advised doctor decision
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

in order for us to help you please let us know a little more details regarding your pains, when they started, accident, work related, what doctors you've seen etc., the more we know about you the more we can help -

you can review the 2 pin points at the top of this forum, click Dave's name and/or pic for his story, my name and/or pic for my story -

this is really a great support group that considers ourselves more of a family.

please let us know more about yourself. take care - Joy
backbreaking replied to bj1208's response:
BJ, I was a supporter of this group for several yrs. I have had 2 surgeries for scoliosis. The las one 20 yrs ago with rod implants. My pain could not be addressed by a pain specialist nor could I take any of the Narcotics for it. All they would do was make me crazy in my head. I just have days when the pain is so bad I get so depressed and angry.
bj1208 replied to backbreaking's response:
Hi again~~

I thought I recognized your name but wasn't sure~~

I can't remember all that you have gone thru - but have you discussed with your surgeon and/or pain doc to see if you are a candidate for either the spinal cord stimulator implant (there is a new one that is flat panel instead of wire leads and results are higher of pain control) or pain pump implant??

I have such bad chronic pains and arthritis building up (lumbar area) and just recently had MRI for T-Spine (to see if there is enough room to do flat panel spinal cord stimulator) and now they have found severe arthritis in facet joints in T-11 and T-12, blood vessel tumor at T-9 and in the lower C-Spine was able to see Degenerative Disc Disease ~~ so I have several problems and a hoping that the flat panel spinal cord stimulator will help reduce my pains a lot - my surgeon stated that his patients have had anywhere from 50%-90% reduction in pain!! I am looking forward to this but need to discuss these new findings with the surgeon to see what may need to be done first - I know I do want to have a C-Spine MRI to look at the DDD and how severe it is -

anyway just wanted to see if you have discussed other treatment options with your docs - keep us posted - take care - Joy
backbreaking replied to bj1208's response:
Joy, I am waiting now on two Dr's. to release my records before I go to another Dr. Chronic,severe pain robs you of your life. I've had back problems since my sister found scoliosis in my back when I was 12. I'm just afraid of what the future holds for me.
Hope you and yours have a "Merry Christmas"