knot or lump under skin.
hippie92 posted:
I just found what feels like a small lump or knot under the skin in between my shoulder blade and spine. Its closer to the shoulder blade and feels kind of sore. It feels a little puffier on that side compared to my left side but you can't notice it by looking at it. I do have back problems (beginners scoliosis) and I stress frequently. I also just got a tattoo on my upper back yesterday and was hunched over for 2 hours in the process, Plus had to sleep awkwardly because of the pain due to the tattoo. Could this lump or knot be just tight muscles from stress, sleeping awkwardly, and being hunched over, or should I be worried?
davedsel57 responded:

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for anyone to tell what this lump is over an internet message board. If it does not go away soon, you should see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
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