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Left Side back Pain/ Back of Thigh Pain
jszaradowski posted:
For the past two weeks I have been having really bad back pain only on my left side. I tend to have the back pain when I am trying to sleep all night but it tends to feel very tight when I wake up. I also tend to get the pain when I lay on my left side like when I am laying on the couch to watch tv since that is the way I have to face to see the TV.

Any Ideas on what this could be? Should I be consulting my Primary Care Doctor or would a Chiropractor be good enough and to just have an adjustment? What could happen If I do nothing?

Also sometimes I tend to get a really bad pain that is only in the back of my left thigh. I usually get this pain after standing for long periods of time. I usually get when I am unloading the Truck at work, I work at a McDonald's in Illinois.

Could this be symptons for sciatica or something else? Any Ideas? If it is Sciatica, what can I do when I get or what can I do to prevent it?
Sunglechic responded:
Sorry you're going through all this. This sound like it could be Sciatica or it could be something else like SI joint issues, but you'll never know for sure till you see your doctor.

I have a couple herniated disks from L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1. and have the same pains.(waiting on surgery!). The best home treatments I use are heat and ice. I sit on a heating pad when I can and take hot bathes to dull the pain. When this first happened I applied ice pack to my back whenever I could.

I would suggest seeing your doctor instead of a Chiropractor right now because you don't know what the cause of your pain is. Talk to your doc about alternative med opportunities that he would recommend.

Best of luck to you
*Sorry if any grammar/spelling issues*
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

just an FYI: WEBMD's guidelines prohibits us from listing personal information i.e., physicians names, hospitals, place of employment etc., just wanted to let you know this. describing job duties etc., is fine.

Question for you: Since you unload a truck is it possible that you hurt your back at work? If so, have you filed a worker's comp claim?

Having a worker's comp claim may be handled differently as there are a set of doctors with the worker's comp insurance company that you would be referred to see.

If you did not hurt your back at work then you should see a spine specialist in order to be properly diagnosed - see either an Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist - this does not mean surgery but they are the best at diagnosing back/neck problems. Sciatic nerve problems may be caused by a disc pressing on the nerve root, but the spine specialist will be able to examine you and let you know what is going on - they can also let you know what treatment options are available.

your primary care doctor can refer you to a spine specialist or there is a search engine at the top of this page: DOCTORS - just type in the information and it will give you a listing in your area.

I wanted to add when sleeping try using extra pillows - between your knees when sleeping on your sides or under your knees when sleeping on your back - this will help keep the spine more straight and may lessen the pains some - AVOID sleeping on your stomach as this will add to your pains.

Hope this helps - please keep us posted as to what you find out - take care - Joy

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