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    Pain Pump?
    An_243157 posted:
    I am at the beginning of the journey to get the pain pump. I would like to talk to someone that has had it and had good results. I also would like to talk to someone that had it and had bad results. I would appreciate it. Thanks
    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome to the support group -

    I don't have the pain pump, yet - but am going in for a different type of SCS trial implant - if this does not work then I will go for the pain pump implant.

    During the weekend our boards are a little slow as most of us are spending time with our families.

    I do have a friend on Facebook who used to frequent this support group a lot. I will shoot him a message and have him respond to you. He does have a pain pump and swears by it -

    I do hope and pray you can find the relief you are looking for - take care - Joy
    An_243157 replied to bj1208's response:
    Joy, thank you! A few years ago I had the SCS trial . I did not do well on that. I have been on oral meds now for a good 12 years. As my Doctor explains it to me it that it is just a different route for the medication. Thanks again and I hope to talk with him soon.
    bj1208 replied to An_243157's response:
    hey just wanted to see if he got to you - he's real involved in state of ILL doing stuff but will leave another message - take care - Joy
    djsgrandma replied to bj1208's response:
    I have not received anything yet. Please try again and I will let you know if he contacts me. Thanks
    bj1208 replied to djsgrandma's response:
    hi again - I sent another message to him - I'm not sure if he's out of town or just hasn't been on FB - I wish there were other members that have one that could help but I don't think our current members do -

    I'll keep checking and seeing if he responds - take care - Joy
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    I don't have one either, but have talked to a couple of my doctors about them. They said I'm not a good candidate because my injury spans such a large area. They both said they work well when you have one or two really painful discs and need to dispense anegesic directly to the affected area.

    Maybe that will help you a little???
    An_243157 replied to trs1960's response:
    I have heard that it messes up your stomach quite a bit. I have also heard that there is a new thing now with the pump. If you have a situation where you have extreme pain you can give yourself a bolus of medication until you can get yourself into the Doctor? I have been thinking about the pain pump since 2009. I know I am a candidate it is just trial and the implant part that I am uncomfortable with. I had a trial years ago and the Doctor had placed the catheter wrong and I had a body twitch for 8 hours. The Doctor wouldn't let the Nurses call anyone else in to pull the catheter and made me lay there on my back until he came in. I was miserable and scared. The Doctor tried to get me to continue with the implant and my mind was already made up! I was done. Not with the pump but with the Doctor.
    RealRon replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi name is Ron and have never talked on the board because I suffer from bad depression and isolate for weeks.I just want to say that I had Medtronic pain pump implanted in 2008 and am very pleased with results.Surgery was quite easy and after a few adjustments pain stays around a 3.Thay tell me I will be completly pain free but am much better.I think it is important that you find the right Dr. to do this and is compassionate enough to listen.Over the years I have had to have increase every 6 months or so and many Dr. are cautious about that,Also,you will need refills every few months.All in All it has been a miracle.Hope this will help and good luck and God bless!...Ron
    gncrzy2000 responded:
    I had back surgery that did not go well and after no pain relief and left with pain down my right leg and into my foot.The doctor wanted me to try a SCS so I did the trial for 3 days it worked pretty nice so I did get the permanent one. It takes the pain out of my leg and foot BUT what I was not TOLD after I got the permanent one was it will not do any pain relief for my back.And it don't. So I ask the doctor for the pain pump also and he told me NO that he will not put both systems in.
    bj1208 replied to RealRon's response:
    Hi Ron - thanks for sharing about your pain pump implant -

    I will be going for a different type of SCS trial implant - I had tried the leads back in 08 and it was horrible - this one is flat panels so it's supposed to work on legs and back pains -

    if this does not work then the surgeon wants to do the pain pump implant so time will tell.

    thanks again - take care - Joy
    bj1208 replied to gncrzy2000's response:
    hi - I think I would see another doctor for opinion - I know several people that have both SCS implant and pain pump because of multiple levels of back surgeries - so do get more opinions.

    keep us posted - take care - Joy
    Katzlvr responded:
    I received my pain pump Jan 08 after years of conservative therapy, 4 lumbar surgeries, (2 were fusions, in same area). I was practically wheelchair bound. I failed spine stimulator trial. One dr. Said I was'nt a candidate, that I needed psychotherapy. I was tired of getting trigger point injections. I found yet another pain management specialist. When I inquired about the pain pump. He was real nice and said "I don't do them but I know someone who does, I'll refer you to him. So my husband & waited and in walks this man with this gadget in his hand. He explained what it did and how it worked, scheduled me for in-patient trial. Was there 2 days it seemed to work. Well it's been over 4 yrs. I've had no problems. It's on the left side at my waistline. Finding comfortable pants seem to be my only real issue. He could only guarantee 50% pain relief. That's about right. I love mine, no wheelchair, I can walk. I highly recommend it. One last thing, I still take oral pain mess because I still get break-thru pain. And it really doesn't help arthritis pain that much either. I am very glad I have it. I hope this helps you and your decision. Katz
    bj1208 replied to Katzlvr's response:
    HI Katzivr - welcome to the support group -

    I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story with us - and yes when I've talked to the pain mgmt clinic about the pain pump implant I was given a VHS tape (all their CD's were checked out! LOL) and my hubby and I watched it over and over for an entire weekend. And it was explained that even with the pain pump that oral meds would still be necessary for breakthru pains -

    I think the most important part of this is that the pain pump gets the meds into the spine area where the pain is AND THEY DON'T GO THRU YOUR KIDNEYS/LIVER!!!!

    that's what i'm worried about is all the heavy narcotics I take and what damages it could do in the long run - my PCP is a great doctor and he will go the extra mile when I go in for my blood work -

    right now, all my doc's are great - wow that kinda made it seem like I see a lot - I have a PCP, Spine Specialist and Physiatrist Pain Doc - so that's not too bad and being 51!!

    I wanted to thank you again for sharing your story with us and invite you to post more often -

    take care - Joy
    22kari replied to bj1208's response:
    I have a pain pump for 10 years come November. The new one for 3 years. (battery life is good for 5 - 7 years.)
    I have had 2 failed back surgeries and over 30 procedures. I did the trial SCS and it failed miserably. Don't get me wrong, for some people it is a great success. My best friend has one and it is for her, a miracle. I think I have also had every experimental procedure there is or was at the time.
    Don,t be alarmed if it takes a couple months to get the maximum benefits. It can take that long to get dialed in. This pump makes a night and day difference for me. I am able to participate in life instead of watching it go by. I still take oral pain meds for the breakthrough pain, which always happens when I do way too much.
    If you are interested, I will be happy to explain installation, how they read it,and how they fill it.
    Good Luck, sweetie

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