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    numb butt!
    Lauralizzie01 posted:
    hi everybody, usually i hang out in the fibro rm but i need your knowledge now...
    i have problems with sciatica... have had it nine times now and im only 29. this time, my left butt cheek is numb! for like five or six inches across my cheek and up 2-3 inches from my crack up! no one has figured out why i get it so often, chiro says tilted pelvis messes with my si joint? wish i could get a dr to take me seriously, and give me a reason tis happens to me! anyways, is the numbness from the sciatica or should i be more worried?
    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome to this forum!!

    what type of doctors have you seen for the sciatic nerve issues?

    It may be beneficial to see either an Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist - an MRI may be ordered to see if bulging disc(s) are causing this.

    I have nerve damage in both legs and I know if I sit too long in one position part of my rear will go numb, but it's the part closer to where the damaged nerve runs down my legs - L4 & L5 discs are the main issues with me as the S1 nerve root for L5 runs on the outside of my legs and the L4 runs on the inside of my legs (both legs) -

    it's really hard to say if what you are experiencing is from the sciatic nerve or something else causing it. But I would see a spine specialist to be examined and see what they say -

    keep us updated what you find out - take care - Joy
    Lauralizzie01 replied to bj1208's response:
    at this point ive just seen my pcp, but i think my next step is going to be my pain management doctor. my family keeps saying im crazy to worry about it, but id like to know Why this keeps happening, and get a real diagnosis other than "sciatica" which seems like a very general dx. at least id like to know what vertebraes are the problem, or if its nerve roots or what. the chiro of course told me all kinds of problems (tilted pelvis making ohe leg shorter, curves in my spine whre theere shouldnt be, and none where there shouuld be, some possible stenosis and degeneration which he said was bad for my age) but honestly id like to hear it from an md.
    bj1208 replied to Lauralizzie01's response:
    your pain management doc should be able to do an EMG Nerve Conduction Test (2 part test) and that should be able to let them know if this is the sciatic nerve causing it - and if needed ,they can request for you to have an MRI done -

    keep us updated what you find out - take care - Joy
    Lauralizzie01 replied to bj1208's response:
    the pm dr believes its facet joint pain as opposed to sciatica. we will be scheduling an mri later today. im still a bit frustrated at their refusal ti increase my norco, but whatever, i will just be sore part of the time! so now i have an mri to look forward to, but at least maybe ill fwt relief!
    painloopy replied to Lauralizzie01's response:
    I'm glad you are seeing an MD about this. Numbness is nothing to fool around with and shouldn't be ignored. I had a buldging disc pushing against nerves in my lumbar area and it caused something called "Caudia Equinia Syndrome" which is serious stuff (look it up on Webmd) and if I had not had surgery to get the disc off the nerves I would have had permanent damage and would have to wear an adult diaper the rest of my life. I ended up with a permanent numb butt on the right side but it was better than living with the alternative. All that was caused in ONE week of nerve pressure/pain and numbness on my butt and genital area as well as sciatica type pain down my legs. They found this issue with an MRI and sent me directly to the ER from there. So don't let anyone tell you that numbness is no big deal.
    Lauralizzie01 responded:
    just an update... had my mri yesterday, way less stressful than i expected, i fell asleep and got a half hour power nap. i have the cd of pictures and being curious i looked at them... darn it now i have to be paitient and wait to hear what the dr says they show. looks to me like a bulging disk and the next disk down is herniated (both are past the bone and into the spinal canal, way further than the rest) but i really have no training or much knowledge so its just me being curious lol! i hate waiting!
    bj1208 replied to Lauralizzie01's response:
    hi - glad that you had your mri -

    I know what you mean when you say it looks like this or that - when I had mine and they just had the film and no written report - I've looked at it and thought that there were more discs that were herniated and once I saw the spine specialist and had a copy of the weritten report found that I was wrong about what I thought I saw.

    hopefully yours will contain good news where they find out what's going on -

    you can always call and get a copy of the written report - when you get the report let us know what it says -

    take care - Joy

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