injections for facet pain...
Lauralizzie01 posted:
my pain management dr is a big promoter of injections for facet joints, but what im reading is it can be a good fix, or a completely awful disaster! so im asking for your experiences and thoughts. also, how do you know if the practitioner is good at doing them, etc. it sounds like thats thekey to a good experience.
davedsel57 responded:

My wife had facet block injections on 2/2/12 with steroid. It helped and she still has some relief from that set of shots. The problem is that the steroid made her blood pressure soar and she is still on bp medication. Her physiatrist pain management specialist is planning to do another set of facet block injections after her physical therapy is complete in about a month, only use just a strong analgesic like lidacaine with no steroid.

Everyone is an individual and the only way to know if any procedure will work for you is to try it. Weigh the risks and benefits, as well as success rates, and then decide if it is worth trying.

I pray you find treatments that will work for you.
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trs1960 replied to davedsel57's response:
I too have had some success with this treatment. One time it was better than great. It was fantastic.
painloopy responded:
I tried them 5 years ago and had absolutely no help from them but then recently my facets and MI joints were really inflammed after a back pain flare I had that lasted a month to the point I could barely walk so my doctor suggested I try them again. This time they did great! I don't know what, if anything, was different but my pain level definately was lessened back to what I had prior to the big flare (my normal) so I was very pleased. I do think everyone has individual results with these. I've had friends who consistently get relief with them and others who never get relief from them with very similar conditions.