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Please give your opinion, im pretty sure my doctor is a hypochondriac
kddemarchia posted:
have had pain in my back on the right side for about 6 months now. they have done multiple ct scans of my kidneys and found nothing and still have not determined the cause of the pain. at this point i dont even care about the pain. The other issue ive been having for roughly the past 3 months is that my red blood count is low which as far as i know just simply means anemia. This isnt really a big issue with me even i dont feel sick because of it, the only probs i have with it is im bruising like crazy and so easy its insane, the only other side effect is I OCCASIONALLY feel dizzy but i mean thats like once every other day at most. Like i said at this point the pain and anemia dont bother me because of all the drama caused by the two very simple problems. what I DO care about is what my doctor claims to think now. given this entire time we have had testing to figure out the cause of this pain and anemia he has come up with nothing but serious possibly terminal causes for the pain... this seems very odd to me...isnt it possible that the back pain is just a muscular skeletal issue or something...I have tricare insurance since my husband is in the army so i can not just go to a chiropracter just because i feel like it at least not without paying a huge fee. I have to go through my doc and get a referal and he wont give me one because apparently that isnt a possibility and i am dying from back pain!! Putting all of the aside, my most recent KIDNEY ct scan (#4) apparently showed "suggested scarring on my lungs" im not even aware of how a kidney ct shows my lungs. I was then sent for a chest xray which came back completely normal. Well a normal chest xray was not definative enough for my doc cause i finally got a referal but it was for a pulmonary specialist in nashville because his latest theory for the pain is "Pulmonary Fibrosis"!!! I had a ct that SUGGESTED scaring which from what ive been told cts are very possible of false positives and i had a chest xray that says there is no scarring or anything abnormal for that matter!!! I wouldnt get so worked up or mad about the situation but my husbands unit has stayed up to date on my whole pain situation because his unit really is like a huge family and always there for each other.Well as soon as they heard "pulmonary fibrosis" they pulled my husband from the upcoming deployment in august because if i do have it, which im pretty convinced i dont, then they view it as he should be with me for "as much time i have left as possible"!!! normally any army wife would love the thought that her husband wasnt deploying but at the same time every wife also knows that being pulled from deployment is very bad for their soldiers career. I REFUSE to have my husbands career jeapordized over a doctor who is a hypochondriac. the only hope of them letting him back on the deployment roster is if the specialist gives me a clean bill of health and of course the soonest appointment i can get is the end of july which is too late for deployment change. ok so after my rambling which i apologize for i guess here is what im asking

1.what are possible realistic causes of pain on the right side of my back (aside from anything involving my kidneys)?
2. What are possible realistic causes of anemia? (oh and im taking iron already and it isnt helping)
3. Any suggested ways to help the back pain and/or the anemia aside from pain killers and iron?
4.Are doctors required to give referals or is there a process to get one from a superior or anything?
5. Is pulmonary fibrosis even possible with only being suggested on a ct and nothing at all on a xray?
6. If there is scarring on my lungs is it always a serious or terminal condition?
7. Is there any "tricks" for lack of a better term to getting into a specialist sooner so this HUGE MISDIAGNOSIS doesnt affect my husbands army career?

Again i am sorry for making this so long and drawn out. Also thank you so very much for any help you give.
davedsel57 responded:
Hello and welcome. I am sorry to read of all your troubles but fully understand.

Please read through this Tip that is at the top of this WebMD Back Pain Community:
The tip lists the recommended steps for diagnosing and treating back pain.

I'm sorry, but providing any type of diagnosis or medical advice/opinions is against the rules in all WebMD Communities. We are a group of lay people who have experience with back pain. There are Health Experts assigned but rarely reply to posts due to their busy schedules.

The only other advice I can think of is to change primary doctors if at all possible. Everything does depend on your health insurance plan and primary doctor as far as what procedures must be followed to get covered testing and treatments.

I understand how frustrating all this is for you. Please update us if you get any answers from your doctors or health insurance plan.

I pray you can get all this worked out and find treatment and relief soon.
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darlyn05 responded:
Have you thought of, or can you get a second opinion of all the tests and such(including dr. notes) from a different doctor within your insurance network? That might be able to happen sooner than the specialists?

How healthy is your diet and lifestyle? Do you get some form of exercise regularly? Have you been tested for an auto immune disorder and possibly kidney infection? Have you ever had pnuemonia(or chronic bronchitis)? Where you doing something or something happen to you when this started that may have put a strain on or tear a muscle or ligament? Did your Dr do a urinalisis? Are you expecting?

Do you feel the need to stand up to your Dr in an attempt to manage 'your' health/health care and disagree with him or perhaps challenge him to get it straight/right? Will you ask for a referral to a chiropractor? Have you had a 'complete' workup on your labs?

Bouncing ideas out there is all. Hope this helps.
mellycooper responded:
Wow, too much medical lingo for me. I'm having surgery tomorrow and just let the doctors talk, then I say, english please?
Trying to figure things out!

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