Low Back Pain
gt2crop posted:
I am just out of massage school since end of Feb 2012. I have had low back pain on and off. I did not injure my back and am assuming it is mostly due to my weight. I wanted to start walking etc to help with my weight but the last month or so I have had the most searing excruciating pain. I have suffered from this pain since 07 on and off but it has never lasted this long. I am without insurance and broke. The only medical help I get or don't get is from county. They always misdiagnose me and really don't wish to investigate what problems I have healthwise. They gave me muscle relaxants. I have stretched , jacuzzi, pool, anti-inflammatories, pain killer and even a tens unit and chiropractic adjustments. One chiropractor told me I appear to have arthritis in my sacroiliac joint and he pinpointed it in my sacroiliac joint. I tried entering a low back study but it was for a medication I have already taken with no relief so they denied me into the study. Does anyone have suggestions for me. And I have had deep tissue massages to try and alleviate the issue. I did get chiropractic adjustments without the slightest bit of relief. I am in fire need of some help or suggestion. Thank you very much, Lanay CMT.
darlyn05 replied to gt2crop's response:
Are there any teaching schools near you that may have some type of free programs to enable their students while supervised to have community residents come in for a type of treatment(like chiropractic) or spine internship?
Anon_973 replied to sbrewer770's response:
Please review the guidelines for WEBMD - posting of items for sale such as what you are referring to is against their guidelines.
bj1208 replied to darlyn05's response:
darlyn05 is correct -

big universities usually are teaching schools also and they do have departments for reduced and/or free services to those that cannot afford to pay.

My brother has bad spine problems and has no money - he goes to a teaching university and gets his testings/treatments free. He takes his prescriptions to an individually owned pharmacy (not a chain pharmacy) and gets his RX's for a lot less than the chain RX's.

I too do not have prescription insurance and take mine to a pharmacy that is interdependently owned - if I were to take it to a chain RX they would cost $800 and thru this pharmacy they are only $290 - that's a big savings.

Please see if there is a teaching hospital - hopefully you can get the care you need.

please keep us posted - Joy
gt2crop replied to bj1208's response:
I didn't even think of the universities. I know the county I go through is UCLA so UCLA is out. I will check on the others in the area. As for that cost of prescriptions of $290 is way out of my range. Hopefully something will come up. My roommate ordered me one of those sacroiliac joint belts and I started taking glucosamine and chondroitin so hopefully I will notice at least a bit of a difference. i do have another chiropractic appointment later today and maybe that will help as it's the second visit. I just wish the searing stabbing pain would disappear. It's 24/7 at this point.