How long do epidural steroid injections last?
zconley posted:
I realize that this will differ from person to person, but I'm interested in averages. I had my 1st set of lumbar and cervical injections starting in February. By April, they were complete. I actually had 3 sets of 4 different shots (lumbar epidural, left facet, right facet, cervical epidural). About 72 hrs ago its like someone flipped a switch, and the pain is back as bad as I remember it from before the shots.
How long did they work for you?
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

not sure if you will get the 'averages' that you're looking for but it's worth a shot! LOL

I've had shots in my back from 12/06 to 2010 and they have never worked on me. Actually just found out in 2010 that I have an allergic reaction to them - I turn bright red and my skin burns to touch. I've never had any pain relief from them. So since then I've been getting pain shots - they have a numbing agent and pain med in them and those will last about 3-4 days.

hope this helps a little - take care - Joy