back pain
An_247260 posted:
Diagnoised with spoylosis of the spine (dengeration of the spinal column), several bulged discs up and down the spine. pressing on spinal cord and nerves. arthitis up and down spine. I also have fibromalgia, so massage therpy, or any one touching me will not work, it makes me feel worse. most excersise makes me feel worse. any one have suggestions on any type of excerise I can do to keep moving. Medications do not really help me control my pain. I am at a stand still to what I can do to keep myself moving.
Congres responded:
Water therapy has been a grace in my life. I have fibromyalgia as well, herniation of S1-L5, pain center states only two more procedures of injections they will try then on to surgery. I will continue with aqua therapy even after, it helps so. I have arthritis in my spine and the warm water feels so good,its one of the best parts of my day. Take care.
georgia888 responded:
Warm water therapy has been very beneficial to me as well. I have Fibro along with Osteoarthritis in the hip, knee, & spine (where there is also stenosis) & the warm water pool not only feels good but allows the body to move in ways it can't on land. Most of the users of the pool at the gym where I belong suffer from similar conditions.

As Congres said, water therapy allows the body to function better (more flexibility) afterwards as well.

Best of luck to you!