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    Does anyone ever get complete relief? Success Stories?
    regcha posted:
    Hi everyone, I am new to this community and was surprised by recent diagnosis for pain was caused by many things in my lumbar spine. It seems many of you NEVER seem to get permanent or complete relief from pain,quality of life issues,etc.... Is or has anyone ever been happy with the long term results of their treatment plan? I am use to being active and would love to hear some success stories. Maybe there are some and I just did not know how to find or dig deep enough. If so,I apologize! Would anyone like to share their success story ???

    Thank you!
    georgia888 responded:
    Hello regcha,
    I believe I can speak for many of us by saying that permanent or complete relief from pain is never really achieved however, my personal experience is that I've learned to manage my pain well.

    As individuals, we react differently to various treatments so what may work well for one may not have the same results on another.

    In addition to osteoarthritis I also suffer from fibromyalgia. The combination can be brutal but I will share with you what has helped me to manage the chronic pain, much of which is suffered in my lumbar spine where I also have stenosis.

    I keep my weight down & eat a healthy diet. Supplements I find helpful include calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, glucosamine chondroitin & 5-HTP.

    Exercise is crucial in both managing pain & remaining flexible & mobile. It may be hard to get motivated or even think about doing so while in pain but it is always well worth it. My regimen includes water walking & swimming in a warm pool; stretching throughout the day; walking as much as I can tolerate; & light weight training.

    It is best to check with one's doctor before engaging in any exercise plan.

    I don't care for pharmaceuticals as any I've tried have had unpleasant side effects. I can tolerate aspirin & on most days I take two.

    The mind is a powerful thing & maintaining a good attitude is crucial to an overall good feeling. If it's hard to attain on your own, I understand many have been helped by therapy.

    If your pain is severe & chronic you may want to seek the help of a physiatrist. They deal in pain management & have been known to help many.

    I know I'll never return to the level of activity I once enjoyed before my symptoms erupted, however I have learned that by taking care of myself as outlined above, I am managing my health in the best way I know how, which has allowed me to stay mobile.

    As a "fibromite," pacing is crucial & I must remind myself that I can no longer perform as I once did.

    Acceptance, managing, & pacing are key factors in my survival.

    Best wishes to you in finding a successful treatment plan.

    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome to the support group -

    this is a support group for those of us who suffer from chronic pains. those that come to this site are looking for others in same condition or others that have something new that we have not dealt with.

    we do strive as a good support system and have a great 'family' relationship.

    as far as my surgery it was a success - Anterior Lumbar Fusion L5-S1 however they could not do anything for the chronic pains or the nerve damage that had already set in in my legs - you can click on our names or our pics and read our stories.

    Mostly those that have a full recovery from surgery normally are not around on a support group as they have gone back to their normal lives.

    Hope this helps - let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    take care - Joy
    dianer01 responded:
    How does yes and no sound?

    I had L3-S1 fused about 5 years ago. My life is pretty active and pain is pretty moderate. I can do most of what I want and am choosey about I do such as lifting and climbing.

    Am I pain free? No. But for the most part I can keep it under control and am able to work full time, go to school and have an active social life. (I will admit to taking a pass on the water park last week.)

    My best advice is do what you can, don't do what hurts or frustrates you and don't be afraid to ask for help with pain control.

    regcha replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi, I did realize after I posted that mostly the people with pain would be on this site. I went back and read your bio,and was pleasantly surprised that my understanding is that you are from KC? Wow,you might be a great source of info on trends and excellent drs in this area,if you are comfortable sharing it with me. I need to move forward with life,but,feel like I am in Limbo. It took a dermatologist to figure out I had back problems,and mine I believe was related to a fall in my garage onto the cement floor from high up. The floor broke my fall and I landed straight onto my rear end,in a sitting position with legs stretched out straight in front of me. I did not put it together for a few years,I just knew I had thigh swelling and sciatica. I also tried to see if their was a pattern to my pain at all,and I found none. Thank you so much for your help.

    bj1208 replied to regcha's response:
    hi yes I am in the KC area and do know of some great doctors - however it is against WEBMD's guidelines to list personal information here - you may send me an email:

    put on the heading as: WEBMD Back Support Group -

    take care - Joy

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