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    Great community
    trs1960 posted:
    I noticed a post disappeared recently. I think that's fine, but I do want to say that anyone that questions the motives of this community's members or the staff is not seeing the forest for the trees.

    I mentioned the core members are great people. I only said core to take into account the occiasional flyby or outlayer. To me the core group is 99.9% of you. I know everyone means well and everyone shares what they can to help anyone that comes in seeking help.

    This is by far the best community I've seen around. As I said, it even makes me question if I'm wrong when I disagree as I know pain makes me antagonistict and defensive. Too many good people in here for me to disagree with any of you.

    Thank you all for being part of a positive change in our sociaty's stigma against people that suffer each day just to try and be the person they used to be.

    For what it's worth I think you all are great people!

    bj1208 responded:
    Hey Tim - are u sure it just didn't get pushed to the 2nd page? at the bottom of this page is MORE: Discussion, Tips, Resources and just click on which one you want to view more posts.

    And thanks for the compliment - we appreciate everything that you have contributed whether is's accurate or not, just as most of us have responded with posts that may not have been favorable

    hope this helps - take care - Joy
    trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
    Yeah, most of us have been through trials and tribulations. Sometimes things work and sometimes they dont. I think that's the toughest thing for all of us, there are no black and white answers to any of this. The best we can do is try things with an open mind. The only thing I blatenly disagreed with was someone telling people how to get an alternate opiad without a doctor's oversight. I think that is dangerous so I had to speak up. If it's opinion than we're all entitled to speak our minds.

    Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Oh TRS1960, I wonder if you are just having trouble finding your last post? I pretty sure there was nothing removed.

    If you click on your name you can find your most recent posts. I hope that helps!

    I'm so glad you are a part of this wonderful supportive community.
    Chrissy~ WebMD Staff

    Confucius Say;
    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

    trs1960 replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I looked three or four times and the one I'm talking about is gone. Doesn't really change the point. Someone did think the group was a real support grou and what was pointed out is we are a comuninty of people trying to help as best we can.
    I'v never seen any core members come off negative. Thwy always try to help and never questions motives.
    I just want to make sure and let everyone know that I see this and its great!
    Anon_40323 replied to trs1960's response:
    I wonder if the one you're looking for is in the Pain Management Community? It's titled something like "Do we support each other in chronic pain?" from about 4 weeks ago.

    That one struck a chord with me and sounds like the one you've described.

    Hope this helps
    bj1208 replied to Anon_40323's response:
    I remember seeing the post from Tim (TRS1960) and it is no longer here. I didn't remember seeing anything 'bad' in the post and can't understand why it was removed.

    it does bring up a good question, though. I've responded to numerous posts and have noticed occasionally that sometimes my responses will "vanish". At first I thought maybe I 'imagined' that I had responded but then noticed that it has happened quite a few times.

    think I will do a post to WEBMD and see if it could be a 'glitch' in the system - where posts just kinda 'fall off' -

    Anon_40323 replied to bj1208's response:
    That post in the Pain Management Community was a lively discussion and does have comments from TRS1960.
    bj1208 replied to Anon_40323's response:
    the post he's referring to was on this support group site - Chrisy at WEBMD has noted there have been some posts that have disappeared and is looking into it -

    I've had responses that disappeared too over the last couple of months -


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