Healing process has begun
Debsbears posted:
My surgery on my neck was the 13th. I went on Tuesday to get the staples out. (That was painful - 37 staples in all).

They removed all the hardware (11 screws, 2 rods) plus they removed T2 laminectomy and shaved down T3 spinous process so they could no longer erode through the incision.

Almost all the original pain is gone. The only pain I am dealing with is from the new surgery of re-cutting open 10" of the neck to remove every thing. I have to wait a month before going back to rehab. for my deep muscle massage.

I am only taking the Narco once a day and for the muscle spasms I am now taking Cyclobenzaprine 3 times a day - I have to cut the 5mg in half because it is way too strong for me - I go to sleep within 20 mins on the 5mg.

Anyway just thought I'd share the good news. Deb
bj1208 responded:
Hi Deb - that is really great news and i am really happy for you - just remember to do as the doc says and don't overdo it - take it easy -

keeps us posted - hope and pray healing process continues as great as it is!!

take care - Joy