tigermom48 posted:
I was giving an epidural for a bulging disc that is on a nerve. I have numbness in my leg along with tingling in my toes. The epidural did not work. I saw my Pain Doctor who wants to do another with a different med. The earliest appt that I could was in the beginning of December. He told me that the epidural usually works. He said 70% it does and only 30% doesn't.
From past experience, I am the one that Murphys' Law usually follows. lol I am afraid that the epidural will only mask the symptoms for the bulging disc. Don't get me wrong I trust my Pain Doctor. It just doesn't make sense to me.
davedsel57 responded:

That statistic of 70% success for injections seems exaggerated to me. I have heard 50% success in 50% of the patients.

Everyone is an individual and responds uniquely to treatments. You need to do your research and perhaps get more than one opinion. The best type of pain management doctor is one who is a physiatrist and deals with all forms of treatments for spinal issues.

I hope you can find the right treatment and get relief soon.
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