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    Unknown Benign Tumors on outside of spine
    Benadodge posted:
    Hello, my name is Ben Dodge.
    I've been quite puzzled lately, my wife from the ages of 6-13 was constantly in the hospital in surgery due to what they thought were Benign Spinal Tumors, well they came to end up cutting that theory and said they were caused from her birthmark in the middle of her back, well it just kinda seemed to stump me, She had a total or 32 non benign tumors surgerically taken out of her back along with alot of nerve roots connected to those tumor,

    Now the reason i am writing this post is because we have found more, and the birthmark has been removed in the older surgeries, is there a possibility its from the nerves or what?

    Im sorry i can give any more information, but from what the prior doctor, who is out of practice, himself was stumped, is there anything anyone can think of that could be the underlying cause?

    Thank you,
    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome to the support group -

    we are lay people who suffer from chronic pains. there really is no way for us to diagnose anyone over the internet, and against WEBMD's policy. even our in-house physicians cannot make diagnosis ever the internet unless they were to examine your wife.

    I would assume that your wife, when she was younger, saw a pediatric spine surgeon. did they give a specific name to the type(s) of tumors removed? and what was the name of the birthmark removed?

    What type of doctor(s) has she seen lately? It's best that she see either an Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist. Have they given a treatment plan?

    I know scar tissue can cause pains and sometimes nerves have hard time healing and sometimes never heal.

    Have you researched any of this? you can google the type(s) of tumors and/or birthmark removed etc., this way you will know a little more of what you are dealing with.

    please keep us posted what you have found out - take care - Joy
    Benadodge replied to bj1208's response:
    Thank you for the reply,

    I apologize if i came off wrong, im not looking for a diagnosis, just wondering if anyone has ever encountered such a thing also. The doctor before could never diagnose it, and honestly told my wife,and her parents, that he has never seen such a thing, or read of such a thing, along with 8 other doctors. Im just trying to find out if anyone else has heard or seen of such an issue.

    Again, i apologize for not wording the previous post correctly
    bj1208 replied to Benadodge's response:
    hi again ~~ lol - don't apologize- we (I) sometimes misread how some people are looking for others that may have this and not a diagnosis - we've had some members that do try to get diagnosed over the internet - anyways.........I don't remember any members having this situation before. I have a hemangioma tumor at T-9 in the Thoracic (mid back) area - this basically is what they refer to as a blood vessel tumor and is benign. It is very very small and will be watched with yearly MRI's.

    you indicated that your wife is seeing a doctor now that has found these tumors have returned - what type of doctor is she seeing?

    is there a big university hospital near by?? reason I am asking is usually these hospitals are teaching hospitals and have a lot of newer treatments/testing/diagnosing and I really think your wife would benefit more if she were to go there -

    is your wife in any pain with these? is she seeing a pain management doctor?? the one that I see is a PHYSIATRIST Pain Clinic -

    they go deeper into pain management control based on the patients conditions and what the patient wants too - they have been really good in treating my pains and keeping them under control better than regular pain clinics.

    please let us know what doctors your wife has seen? and what type of tests have been done, i.e. MRI/CT Scan etc., if we know a little more of what's going on now we can help.

    take care - Joy

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