Tail Bone Pain, OUCH!!
bpcookie posted:
Hello peeps, *waving* I've been having tail bone pain and it feels like a knife has split it down and center and its pulling the pieces apart. Now that's the best way I can explain it. It hurts when I sit, walk, lay on my back, lay on my side and bend over. When it is really bad I avoid bending over all together.

What do you guys use and or do when you have tail bone pain? I have Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Lyrica and Methocarbamol but I don't know which ones to take for this. Any suggestions?
bpcookie responded:
correction: it feels like a knife has split it down THE center
bj1208 responded:
hi bpcookie -

I don't know if any current members have problems with this - hopefully if someone does they should be able to help you.

Charl1942 is still recovering from coccyx surgery - she does check here periodically - she may have some information of what helped her prior to the surgery - I'll send her a note and have her get back to you.

Also, on the right upper side it says: SEARCH THIS COMMUNITY. you can type in COCCYX and review the posts on this. hopefully there is a post with info to help you.

let us know how ur doing - take care - Joy
bpcookie replied to bj1208's response:
Joy hun, you have been so very helpful. I will most def. look it up under SEARCH. I took a Lyrica and then had to take a Lorazepam (its for anxiety) and now I'm in Loopy Land. uuggghh can't think but Loopy Land seems to be helping my pain. I just don't want to stay in Loopy Land for long though.

Thank you for all your help and kindness. Your a wonderful person.
charl1942 replied to bpcookie's response:
Hi bpcookie. I have had surgery to remove my coccyx. That was in October 2011. I had suffered for years with pain. (I must say that my pain got worse over time. It did not start out hurting so badly) My pain felt like I had a steel or other stiff pipe or object in my rectum. That is the best way I could explain it. My worse pain happened while sitting. Of course, if you can't sit long enough or at all, you are not able to go anywhere (sitting to drive or ride) or sit long enough to eat at the table, or in a chair to even visit with family or friends. I began to have to call friends or my husband to take me to doctor appointments or therapy while I was in the back seat trying to get comfortable enough to make the trip. My therapy consisted of every kind from physical therapy to pelvic floor therapy. The last therapist told me my tailbone was hypermoblie (moved round and round at the tip). I finally had to have it rmoved. It took a while to find a physician who had performed that kind of surgery successfully many times. He tried again to give injections, but after the second shot which did not work past the time it took me to ride the 90 miles home, I decided another option had to be discussed.
Finally my husband drove me to discuss options with the physician. He admitted that my coccyx was not responding for years to conservative treatment, and surgery to remove it might be my only option.
Please give me some more information if you can. I will be more than happy to help you. Believe me, I went through pure hell until after I healed from the surgery. The healing can be a very slow process, but I have never been sorry I had the surgery.

charl1942 replied to charl1942's response:
fbpcookie hello again. I forgot to try and answer all of your questions. I was on all types of medications through the last 4 years. I was perscribed different types of opiods. They can be very dangerous. If you are given any of them, please mark the times you take them. I didn't write the times down, and that got me into trouble, believe me.
The hydrocodone is an opiod med. Tramadol is the weaker of the pain meds you are taking. Don't take hydrocodone unless you must. The Lyrica is used for nerve pain. So is neurontin. I still take neurontin a couple of times a day.
I hope this helps. I will check back to see whether you are able to use any of the help I have given. Good luck in your quest for help.