Back has been hurting all month and mostly while resting
SmokeyTheRobot posted:
I recently started a new job that involves a lot of bending, squatting and reaching, only a little heavy lifting that I have recently been opting out of with my employer being understanding. I've had back aches when starting a new physical job before but the pain has always stopped after getting shape or whatever the reason might be after 3-4 weeks. Even the job I had two years ago where all I did all day was lift heavy logs, my back hurt at first but quickly stopped bothering me.

Six weeks I have been at this job and my back still hurts. It hurts a bit when I wake up every day but I work through it at work and quickly get past being bothered. The weekends are my main trouble. Every weekend I try to relax and am mindful of my posture but the pain does not go away unless I do something strenuous for a few hours.

Ibuprofen seems to help a bit. I currently use a dollar store brand, I wonder if name brand would help or if another type of mild pain killer would be better. I want to avoid opiates or strong pain pills if I can as a former/recovering drug addict.

I cant afford a doctor visit and imagine I would just be given strong pain pills there anyway. I hope I can get some general advice. Maybe a strip mall massage parlor would be helpful?
davedsel57 responded:
Hello and welcome.

I do not think name brand OTC pain relievers are any more effective than generic or store brand. The main ingredients are the same so they should be equally effective.

Ultimately, you should see a doctor for evaluation and a recommended treatment plan. While a doctor may recommend prescription pain relievers, you do not have to take them. Try ice and/or heat (applied 20 minutes on/20 minutes off). Many people have success with those OTC pain patches. A massage may help and bring temporary relief.

I hope you can find pain relief soon.
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SmokeyTheRobot replied to davedsel57's response:
Like an icy hot patch? Thats a good idea, will try soon, thanks