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    Anon_960 posted:
    Would you post and let me know whether you have had a neurostimulator and whether or not it worked for you. I have heard some say it was a godsend and others had no luck. I appreciate all you can help me with.

    Take the Poll

    Neurostimulator to help ot not for low back and hip pain.Please let me know whether the neurostimulator worked for you for low back and hip pain.
    • Yes it was very helpful
    • No help at all
    • it helped for a matter of weeks, months and then I had it removed
    View Poll Results
    Anon_973 responded:
    hi and welcome to the support group -

    having a poll done on this is not really the way to go - doing lots of research on the internet would be the way to learn more about the stimulator.
    hatas an example, I had one for the nerve pains in my legs and lower back pains. it helped the leg pains but made the back pains worse. so during the trial period I had it removed.

    one person can have great results while another person can have bad results - we are all different and our pains are different and react differently to treatments.

    also, the physician that is doing the implant may have lots of patients that have great results while another physician may only have a few. I think you should really ask the doctor wanting to do the implant what success rates he/she has with this.

    also doing research on the kind of stimulator can help you educate yourself -

    hope this helps -
    Anon_960 replied to Anon_973's response:
    Thanks for your candid and fast response.
    I have been on the internet checking every thing I can find on the stimulators and how they effect pain. I know we are all different and the same thing doesn't work for everyone.

    I just hoped to get an idea of ones who actually have tried the stimulator on this webside to check for the pains the stimulator seems to help the most.

    I am sorry the stimulator didn't work for you. I hope you are able to keep your pain under control and that your issues does not effect your lifestyle.
    glogbad612 responded:
    I wandering if anyone's has used the neurostimulation on their back? I need some feedback, my doctor do me to think about it, since the pain pills is not doing me no good anymore. i had surgery in June of 2010, and has 12 (twelve) titanium screws and another thing how do anyone's feel about screws in their back, do you have much troubles with them?
    dancindaisys responded:
    Hi, before I had the procedure done i was searching for answers like you, so taking a poll is a good thing to do!! I had a fusion in my lower spine and suffered failed back syndrome. I had pain for 10 yrs and closed my dance studio and came extremely depressed and suicidal. Years of horrible leg pain and back pain was taking an extreme mental and physical toll on me. I could not focus on anything but pain. I've gained so much pain cause I would go to work / so I had insurance and come home and set. My daughter is involved in so many activities which helped me get moving. So I had the stimulator for 3 weeks 2 days and it has completely changed my life!!!!!!! I say to my family about every 5 mins can u believe that I have no pain. Down to 4 pain pills which I was at 15 strong meds a day. My family says I look 10 yrs younger and not off in la la land. If it could help you and give u a little hope in your life I would say try it!! I was scared to death but it has completely changed my life !!! I have noticed myself laughing way more.
    trs1960 responded:
    There's so many variables both in your injury and you as a person and how you take care of yourself post op.

    I'm sure you've looked, but just in case you can go to the Medtronics web site and watch videos etc.

    It took me years to agree to the pain pump which I just had surgically implanted 10 days ago. So far I'm really optimistic. I just got my staples out today from surgery and my wireless controller to give myself extra meds when needed.

    While the pump and stimulator are different they share manufacturers I talked to my doc today about driving and laws regarding opiads. He said with the pain pump nothing would likely even show up on the most sensitive blood or urine tests. Of course there's no worries with just the stimulator.

    Good luck and best wishes


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