bruising like lower back pain
An_248386 posted:
so Im a 23 yhear old female and i have 2 kida 3 and 1. for two days I have been having this buise like pain in my lower back and when i press on it it hurts worse, so a massage is out. i took some pain meds today didnt even touch it, it hurst to stand it hurt to sit down and when im laying down its a tiggling pain up my spine. what is wrong? what will help/
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

I really didn't understand your first sentence where you said you have 2 kida 3 and 1 - so if you could let us know what you mean by that!!

Did a doctor prescribe pain meds for you? If so, did you have any tests done to get a diagnosis of what is wrong with your spine? if no doctor prescribed the pain meds for you please do not take someone else pain meds as it could be dangerous for you.

we are lay people (we are not physicians) who suffer from chronic pains and as per the WEBMD guidelines we cannot diagnose conditions. we can only offer suggestions of what you should do and the proper doctors to see.

You really should see either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist where they may order tests of either MRI or CT Scan. They are the only ones that can fully read the film reports, diagnose spine problems and offer the best treatment plans.

when you sleep at night try using extra pillows - place between your knees when sleeping on your sides and under your knees when sleeping on your back (and prop your upper back too-kinda like a reclining position) this will help keep the spine more straight and may help reduce some pains. Do not sleep on your stomach as this will cause more pains and causes the spine to be more out of alignment. Try taking ibuprofen for the pains.

please let us know what you find out.
Take care~~

~~ Joy ~~