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Aashu posted:
Hi all... My husband(Age 29) under went a surgery for Intradural Spinal Surgery
( removal of tumor which was inside spinal chord in specific L2-L3) its been a month the surgery got over but still he gets giddiness when he walks and complains about head ache most of the time in the day he is in bed... he doesn't have any problem while lying down in bed...please tell why he is having this problem and what should we do to over come this.
davedsel57 responded:

You should contact your husband's surgeon and discuss this with him/her. It could be reactions to medications or other things we can not tell over an internet message board.

I hope you can get answers and your husband gets relief soon.
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bj1208 responded:
hi Aashu and welcome to the support group -

as Dave said you should contact your husband's surgeon and get him in as soon as possible. This could be part of the recovery process but it could also be something more serious. it's best to get him in as soon as you can.

please keep us posted what you find out.
Take care~~

~~ Joy ~~