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arm and shoulder pain
elvislevel posted:
I have a persistent problem I want to see a doctor about, however my insurance does not start for a couple of weeks.

Last July I started having a peculiar pain inside and below my left elbow. It sounds a bit like tennis elbow, but there is no tenderness or difficulty moving. It does hurt more when I try to pick up things other than straight up, say a plate. I was involved in a big moving project with lots of box lifting and suspected that was the cause.

I used to excercise quite a bit, but with the pain thought it better to rest. After months of this I thought I would try some pushups which actually seemed to make the arm feel better. Soon after that (I think - could be a coincidence) a similar pain showed up around and under my left shoulder blade. It is fine if i lie down for a while, but can get quite bad if standing even for a short time. Last week it was like a knief was being stuck in and electricity shot through. After lots of rest and some advil it is more of a dull pain, but it still builds when I stand. Stress makes it a lot worse too.

Happy for any advice or suggestions on what this could be.
bj1208 responded:
hi and welcome to the support group -

it's hard to say what this could be as there are numerous things that could be the cause.

the best thing to do is wait to see your primary care physician when your insurance goes into effect. tell your doctor everything that you stated here - it may be a good idea to make a list and if you think of other things jot them down. your doctor will examine you and may order some tests to be done (X-ray etc) and depending on what shows up may depend on whether the doctor refers you to a specialist.

If the pain becomes too much you can go to the ER and they can do some tests and refer you to a specialist or to see your primary care doctor - just depends on what the exam turns up.

I know you were expecting more helpful thoughts of what is causing this but as I said there could be numerous reasons that can be causing the pains etc., please keep us posted what you find out.
Take care~~

~~ Joy ~~

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