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    sciatica relief
    lnsmith1084 posted:
    hello everyone, i am new to this, but in hopes i can find some advice for relief to my sciatica. about 3 months ago, it started off as a dull back ache then radiated from my back to my lower left hip, that then radiated clear down my leg to where it seemed as if the pain focused in my knee. the pain is so excruciting its unbearable. it now starts off as aching pain in my calf muscle and then intensifies beyond belief. yesterday morning was the worst its ever been. im a single mother to a 1 yr old little girl and went to pick her up and the pain shot clear down my hip to my lower leg that i fell to the floor screaming! dropped my poor baby and couldnt even console her i was in so much pain. i couldnt even move an inch without this unbearable pain. my neighbor heard me screaming and knocked on my door and i yelled for her to come in to help me. i finally after 20 mins made it to my car to drive 2 blocks to the ER, where they for the 3rd time gave me a shot of tordol & a inflammatory in my hip. no pain relief whatsoever. along with a perscription for hydrocodon 2.5/500. which 3 finally takes the pain away but not for long & the pain is back with a vengence. sorry for the essay. but i never wanna expierience pain like that again! it sends chills down my spine thinking of it! i have much simpathy for all of you sciatica suffers and wish u all the luck in the world to find recovery for this. but is there ANY advice anyone can give to overcome this? my doctor is sending me to a anethesiologist to sort my options but after a week, have not yet recieved my appointment for it, idk how much loger i can live like this:(
    dfoxii responded:
    Sorry to hear about your pain! I have been through the ringer dealing with my sciatic nerve. There are some things you can do to try and relieve it, leading all the way up to surgery, but in the short term you should ask to see someone in pain management because they will be able to help with the pain. You can also see about going to see someone in Physical Therapy, they can also help try and help. Pain meds are something that should be avoided if possible, since they are addictive, can have some side effects, and are just not good for you (trust me, I have been on them for four years, and I wouldn't be if I didn't absolutely have to be.) Here's a link to some exercises that can be used to help with the problem (unless you have some underlying condition that only an MRI or CT scan will reveal)

    I wish you luck in finding relief and a solution from your condition.

    lnsmith1084 replied to dfoxii's response:
    thank u so much 4 ur reply. ive only had a CT scan a wk ago.. results negative.. er doc says its prob in my best interest to have a MRI, but my doc needs to order it. i am in so much pain right now its crazy. just took the last of my meds, so my doc will be recieving a phone call as soon as them doors open. lol.. trust me i hate pain meds, as my stomach is weak and they make me so sick, but its the only thing helping? u poor thing i couldnt imagine 4 years. how r u coping? this is making me depressed & its only been 3 months. im just ready to amputate this damn leg already lol
    bj1208 replied to lnsmith1084's response:
    hi Insmith1084 welcome to the support group -

    I have nerve damage in both legs from the nerve roots of S1 and had Fusion surgery in 2008 L5-S1.

    Most times, CT Scans or MRI's will not show sciatic problems unless it is associated with a disc that is bulging pressing on the nerve roots - and sometimes the film results may not show this.

    it's a good idea that a spine specialist, either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist review the film results of the CT Scan and MRI as they are the only ones that can read film results dealing with spine issues.

    Pain meds don't touch the nerve root pains but there are 2 meds that do help with nerve root pains - Neurontin and Lyrica - Neurontin has a generic - Gabapentin and is cheaper to purchase.

    I take Gabapentin for my nerve root pains and it does help a lot. I notice a big difference especially if I forget to take a does as the pains come on with a vengeance!!

    Once you have seen a spine specialist they can let you know the best treatment options - seeing a good pain management clinic may be suggested. I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Doc and they are great.

    I hope that you can or are seeing a spine specialist and that you can get the relief you need. let us know -
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    backbreaking responded:
    Hello Insmith, I to am suffering from sciatica for almost 2 weeks now. The pain is terrible. I've also had a cortisone shot and a dosepak of prednisone. NO relief. I'm going to a massage therapist today to have my piriformis muscle deep massaged. I've tried heat, ice, Aleve and Hydrocodone. Can't take the Hydro, it makes me to loopy. Hope you get some relief soon. It sure isn't a fun thing to deal with.

    lnsmith1084 replied to bj1208's response:
    joy thank u for your thoughts and comments.. im definitly going to ask bout those meds u stated. upon doing research i came across sum exercises that have provided much relief to me. pain management is not something i want to get into. ive heard alot of horror stories in reference to them. i wish u the best of luck in your treatment.
    lnsmith1084 replied to backbreaking's response:
    brenda i know exactly how u feel. no it isnt. for me personally, last night i couldnt sleep due to the pain and found some exercises that actually helped tremendously. i couldnt believe the relief i got. heres the link i hope it directs you properly and helps you as much as it did me.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src=" " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    good luck!
    backbreaking replied to lnsmith1084's response:
    Thank you for the web page. I have been stretching my hamstring but so far no relief. I'll try to get on the web page later and see what I can do.


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