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    is this the secret????????????
    betsey2u posted:
    I posted month or so ago about needing an mri and having a plate in my arm,..little did I know that was sooo piddly! ha. I got the mri and was told oh blown disc in the l5 and arthritis starting pretty much in all my discs,.whaaaaaaaa. I went through physical therapy for my ortho to tell me,..not bad enough to do surgery and not bad enough to do shots (I cant handle steriods anyhow). I wanted to scream,.my ortho said I should be happy. about a week before my mri I discovered gluclosamine. And I was actually feeling good the radiculopathy had gotten better. But I could tell when it wore off. I am so tired of this garbage. But is this it?? Should I be taking gluclosamine daily? as it is I have been taking it every three days and I am taking cheapo dollar store stuff!
    I asked with my exercises how long it takes for people to over come such a thing ?? and my ortho said any where from 2 weeks to 6mths.
    Told me no bending no twisting. I am a mom who twists and bends all day long. lol.
    Am I just masking what is going on by using the gluclosamine? I figure that is better than the other over the counter anti in flamitory I could take ibruprufin all day long and have a heart attack. I also am not taking my muscle relaxers. I just want to feel what is going on.
    Does everyone with back pain just take pain killers or antinflamitory drugs? and for how long?
    I think going through physical therapy helped me and also hurt me. the ortho asked what I was doing and mentioned for me not to do squats and I was like huh????? I was told to do squats!!
    Worse thing is I have bursitis in my upper right arm and so its like dubble wammy,..try to lose some weight try to exercise,..dont do this dont do that,..etc... How do you lose weight cept dont eat and the exercise is so piddly for what they taught me. eshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I want to go buy that tens machine but I know it did nt do much but it did calm down my spasms in my legs at times. So I think? ALl i know so far is that gluclosamine has to be helping me more than the other stuff has. I am thinking I better buy some quality stuff. lol. I gotta laugh because well noone around me understands. I am sick of buzzing legs and muscle spasms.
    I have so many questions.
    davedsel57 responded:

    Many people do find relief from taking a glucosamine supplement. You must consistently take it as it takes time to build up in your system and be affective. I take it and it helps somewhat. I find that after a few months it stops helping, so I stop taking it for a few weeks and then start again. Some people find consistent relief.

    There are many different brands on the market. Find one that fits your budget and helps.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    bj1208 responded:
    hi and welcome back -

    as Dave stated he found that after taking the glucosamine supplement for a few months it stopped working. I took this for 6 months as I was told it would take about 3 months for it to really get into your body and start working. I stopped taking it too as it was not helping.

    I just wanted to add that I think you should get a couple of opinions from both Orthopedic Spine Specialist and Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist. This way you can get a couple of opinions and find out exactly what your treatment options are.

    You may also benefit from seeing a good pain clinic - I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Doctor - they do more than the regular pain clinics and go deeper into pain control based on what the patients needs are.

    this will give you some added options to consider - please keep us posted what you find out etc.
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    betsey2u replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hey dave. Thanks for responding,..I was in rare form when I pposted. I try to toss aside the depression of it all. But sometimes it gets to me. So what I am hearing is that it is just masking the pain? OK weight loss question. HOw does loseing weight make this situation better? YOu know I get advice from others to keep seeking doctors and seriously I dont want to go that route,.$$$$
    They say exercise therapy and and antiinflamitories, (wow I really cannot spell lol) and melodities are what makes one better. I feel like I am getting snow jobbed and I am just gonna deal with this garbage all my life.
    I am getting old I am 45 and I have had arthritis since I was in my early twenties. So no surprise on the mri with that.
    One of the reasons I am only taking one tablet of the gluclosamine every thre days is I have a feeling it is going to stop working and I can up it then. I can afford more expensive stuff but now I am watching my pennies after the hefty physical therapy bills and mri. I have a large deductable and the year is up soon and will start over soon. essssshh.
    I am wondering if the exercise and what they say is true or am I just working toward everyday living here?
    betsey2u replied to bj1208's response:
    Oh this reminds me of the tens machine! It worked great for a few.
    You know I want to hear something like hey the exercise really helps lol. and yes in time you will be better.
    As Dave mentioned about it not working later on ,.thats why I have been only taking one tab every three days and I hear of people taking it three times a day. I hardly do the heat pack or take any muscle relaxers. I stopped that a while ago. Although I miss the tens machine,..I think it worked my muscles into exhaustion where I want having spasms o much.
    I want to know what has happened to my body or what can happen to my body. It seems doctors and not so much the therapists as they were point blank saying the damage has been done. It seems like I have to learn to cope with the pain?
    I will check out the link you sent. I feel like a whinny baby lately. and when I accomplish doing more I want to gloat ,..when has my life some to this? eshhh
    davedsel57 replied to betsey2u's response:
    Hi, Betsey.

    Losing weight helps to take some pressure off our joints. I am obese and still trying to lose weight. I am even considering weight loss surgery.

    Any medication, whether prescription or OTC, basically just masks the pain. They do not 'cure' the cause of the pain, just help by hopefully minimizing it somewhat.

    Since you have had arthritis for so long, I'm sure you are aware that there is no cure for arthritis. Spinal problems are rarely fully corrected by surgery either. We are all just looking for a way to rise above our circumstances enough so we can function and survive as best as possible.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    betsey2u replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hey Dave I first want to thank you for answering my posts. I have been lurking for awhile and it seems you are the one who answers, And seriously when people are in dier need of comunication with someone who may even have some incling of what they are going through it is a God send! I consider myself obese even when others are so kind to tell me I am not lol. I have allready lost 20 pounds right off the bat,..but I was in a different zone then sort to speak, it is not as easy,..because I am aware of what to do and what not to do.
    I was a bit floored when I asked the ortho if I just ignored the pain and went crazy working out he just shook his head. I asked if I was going to be paralyzed etc. He probably thought I am a nut.. But I have been able to lose weight in the past.I gain and lose like a yo yo. But I am getting older .
    No I didnt know there wasnt a cure for arthritis,.but I did see a family history behind it. I never took anything for my arthritis,.it seems to go with the weather and I deal with it. Gosh getting old just stinks!
    If you do weight lose surgery let me know how it goes Dave, I love food I have two little boys to feed and am a good cook! They expect that from me. HA! Now the holidays are approaching not an easy thing to do,..if I could exercise to the point I could actually sweat that would help. As it is they set me up with piddly exercises. So I will become veggie queen, .
    Thanks Dave you are a great help,.so I am not insane in the fact of feeling a certain amount of pain to know what is going. The doctors and therapists all act like things should be hunky dory,..what is your pain on a scale of 1-10,..hmm since I cant do anything I am good lol but if I did stuff I still rate it a 8! I guess I better get onto weight lose,..and work through some pain.
    bj1208 replied to betsey2u's response:
    Hi betsey2u -

    I just wanted to let you know that if you have any type of scar tissue and/or arthritis that there's not much you can do for either one. scar tissue (caused by injuries and/or surgeries) can be operated on and removed but more scar tissue will develop and a cycle will happen over and over.

    Arthritis is another story where the pains will act up with certain conditions.

    You can purchase TENS Unit thru a medical supply place if there is one near you, or on CRAIGSLIST.COM or the internet.

    You can click on my name or picture and read my story - hopefully this will give you some insight on pains etc. hope this helps - keep us posted ~~
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    betsey2u replied to bj1208's response:
    What do you mean about scar tissue?? All I saw on the mri was darker areas above the discs,..and actually my discs are pretty even apart. (ortho said they looked good even on the initial xray) I have to wonder if from my initial injury from falling and breaking my foot then hopping on one foot for days I gave myself nerve damage in itself. I am not even sure since the doctor said nothing they would ever operate on or do shots that it isnt even the bulge in the disc so much,.but the damage allready done. hmmmm
    Oh joy! I am gonna read your story
    bj1208 replied to betsey2u's response:
    Hi Betsey2u - you wanted to know what I meant about scar tissue.

    Scar tissue can develop from injuries left untreated where muscles/tendons/legaments can be damaged (torn) where it may develop. It can also develop from having surgeries. Scar tissue does hurt and there are a couple of ways to help it.

    one would be to have surgery to remove it, however by having surgery to remove the it you are taking a big chance on developing more scar tissue.

    A couple of surgeons I saw regarding my scar tissues stated that "Yes we can operate to remove the scar tissue but within about 3-5 yrs (could be sooner or later) you could be having more surgeries to remove more scar tissues that has developed and causing more pains."

    Not only do I have chronic pains I also have pains coming from scar tissue around the sites operated on and I also have arthritis too. All these combined lead to severe chronic pains.

    I've tried the gluclosimine and that did not affect the pains, I've also tried arthritis meds and those did not help. Believe me, I've been thru all treatment options and those have failed (click on my name or pic and read my story) my next step would be the pain pump implant which I'm still researching.

    hope this helps -
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    betsey2u replied to bj1208's response:
    I just read your story and it is crazy. You know when this all happened to me and apparently I am not even a candidate for surgery or anything,..I kept saying I do not want to be this way for the rest of my life please tell me I am not gonna be this way. The ortho only shook his head. Like what am I thinking? Then after mri its like hey your on your own! hey thanks. I just spent a grand to find that out.
    I have been doing the exercises and I also have the shoulder bursitis thing going on and I decided the tread mill dh bought that makes my living room so ugly ,..isnt so bad now. He used it maybe three times in the past two years lol. So I have been rockin that since it has gotten cold out. I can see a major difference. buttttttttt what happens when I do not have time to do this?
    and yes the srthritis I had before is nothing like the arthritis I have now. I am feeling arthritis in areas I never experienced before ,.and it feels like pins and needles and muscle spasms that I never had before in these areas. weird stuff,..right now I am in a period of how do you feel today?? like I am analyzing myself day to day because it does change. My mom who is 77 yesterday told me how she is suffering with the start of arthritis and I am like whaa ?? ok I am 45 and had it since i was in my early 20's how is this fair? lol.
    I am just glad I can vent and talk to another who has gone through all this bs.
    I seriously thought they would just fix it and I could go on with my life but now I realize,..oh no dont take drugs,..because you WILL need them later.
    thanks for listening to me Joy I have heard good things about the pain pump implant. Anything to get us moving again. And you sound like a person was or is very active to begin with. They never want to mess with our spines to begin with because that is a risk to begin with.
    bj1208 replied to betsey2u's response:
    HI Betsy2u -

    yes I used to be very active along with working many hours as a Manager of Accounting - ugh would love to have my regular life back~~LOL but now I have this life and have learned to accept it.

    I used to be an Assistant Martial Arts Instructor and this is where I met my DH (2nd marriages for both of us) so while I was active with this it helped strengthen the core muscles in my back. My daughters remember me complaining that my back would hurt now and then especially if I would clean the house and do laundry. I didn't remember til they said something and I can remember always taking Tylenol/Ibuprofen etc for it and the pains would go away. In 2006 (Feb or March, I think) I stopped doing Martial Arts as I was working a crap load of hours. and then in May 2006 I stopped by the grocery store and when I bent over to get a bag of sugar my disc blew - ruptured AND splintered - so it was pretty bad. my daughters make fun of me cause of the sugar deal and my youngest (she's 22) will grab the sugar for me as she says it's the sugar that started it all!! LOL

    Anyway that part of my life is no longer but I love the life I have now - loving family, 6 grandkids etc.,

    Oh here's a little something that may help - a member from years past had posted it - its what I call our Pain Bible!!

    some people who have never had any pains don't know what we go thru and this should help them~~
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    davedsel57 replied to bj1208's response:

    Thank you for that link to our "Pain Bible". What an excellent document for those of us living with chronic pain.

    It truly is a matter of accepting our situations. This is not the life we would have chosen, but what we have been given. Make the most of it and rise about our circumstances as best as possible. Count your blessings each day.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    betsey2u replied to bj1208's response:
    I dont want to read that pain bible! lol. essshhh. OK 8 days no meds and working on the treadmill doing a little over a mile a day. Approx. 50minutes to an hour. It has been helping alot,..but what if I stop what if Idont feel like working out one day? It scares me. I am ready to go out and get a job also. Do I even tell them?
    I had to chuckle about your sugar! My youngest son who asked me to move the coffee table that night when I fell ,..he keeps talking about pains in my foot (when I fell and sprained it) and how he wont ever ask me to move the table again. I tell him it is not his fault and often wonder if it wasnt in the making to begin with,..not like I never fell before that!
    I guess I havent had pain long enough to be able to print that bible out for my family to see. But now I have learned so much myself. I was a very judgmental person when I didnt see the pain on the outside of a person or an obvious handicap to a person. I truley am ashamed of myself for the thoughts I have had in the past towards people.
    Thank you for the link I shall put it in my favorites .
    betsey2u replied to davedsel57's response:
    I dont want to live in chronic pain. I had to give in. I was attending this church that kept saying oh pray for her pray for her,..then I came to church and said I give up! They all looked at me like whaaaaaaaaaaaa????? I said he wins,..something kept saying to me,.he has plans for you. I am not much of a religious person but more spiritual,..(sometimes people usually hate to hear people say that lol) Even before the mri I just knew I would have to contend with this. What I wanted wasnt going to be the same as what was laid ahead of me. There was not going to be some kind of miracle.
    And your right blessings! count them! I can complain but at the same time I am ashamed because I am so blessed.
    and umm I have been so focused on Physical therapy I havent gone to church in weeks. I just have to try to get better.

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