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    Just tell me I am not Crazy!!
    momofmaren posted:
    Ok - readers digest condensed version (lol): I am 45 female, have been walking on a torn meniscus rt knee for 12 yrs. - I have a bad back from heavy labor jobs and just had x-ray, confirming; Disc Degeneration L3 and L4. Have had extreme sciatic pain for last 8 months. My left leg only allows me about 5 minutes of standing/walking before the numbness and spasms (more like a labor contraction) kick in and I have to sit or lay down.
    Today, after finding out the scheduled steriod injection from my pain management Doctor would not be taking place, (as he no longer accepts my insurance.) I visited my PCP and was in process of explaining my situation, and asking for some type of relief...she has told me that this is the work of the devil and these are distractions placed in our way for us to choose God. Then she gives me a referral to PT and gives me a RX for yet another NSAID with a bizillion possible side effects. I could understand it if they couldn't find anything wrong with me, But why is it so hard for folks with serious pain to get any relief from pain meds. Yes, I know lots of folks abuse our system, but it is ridiculous that I am almost forced to go purchase pain relief on the street, rather than getting something prescribed to me. Should a person be forced to continue living in pain and a quality of life that has been diminished about 90%, all because of a doctor's fear of a patient becoming addicted? Am I crazy??
    Now also today she has given me a referral to obtain a drug screen, because she stated that she will not prescribe without this, however she has prescribed them to me initially along with the referral to pain management. This same doctor has also told me " I am not a Pez Dispenser, we can only discuss one issue at a visit, as other patients are expecting me" Am I crazy? we can only discuss my back, the sciatic pain is another issue, I am so deeply depressed I explained that my meds are not helping and I felt like jumping out of a window and again, from the MD, I am told it is "another obstacle placed there by the devil" oh.......I guess we have to discuss the mental issue at another visit. Does anyone else with Healthease Medicaid run across this kind of treatment?
    trs1960 responded:
    I thought Obomacare would take a little more time to become effective...
    bj1208 responded:
    Hi momofmaren - welcome to the support group -

    First - GET RID OF YOUR PCP DOC - that is nuts and you shouldn't have to do thru with that - we EMPLOY doctors and have the right to chose who we will see. So please get another PCP doctor as soon as possible.

    Second - You should see either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist - they can order proper tests, diagnose and offer best treatment options for you.

    Seeing a good pain management doctor is vital too. I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Doc and they are great at treating me.

    they go deeper into pain management control by using numerous treatment options based on patients needs.

    hope this helps - let us know what you find out~~
    Take care~~

    ~~ Joy ~~

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