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Nerve Damage
GabbyGrixti123 posted:
I am a 14 year old girl, and i fell on my coccyx 2 months ago, and i have been going to several doctors and i have been given codine, paracetamol, ibuprofen and co dydramol to help the pain, but none of them have helped. I have been getting lots of side effects lately and i don't know whether some of them are coming from the tablets or its just trauma from my coccyx but anyway here they are. I am losing my taste, getting nightmares, getting black dots in my eyes everywhere i look, feeling weak, pulses in my legs and pins and needles, tingling down the legs, weird feeling when touched on my legs compared to my arms, red hot knees, and big pulses on my wrists and pins and needles in my hands. Yes i know, alot. I am really scared and I cry alot about it. After a month of trying to sort stuff out with the doctors where i live, eventually i moved to the doctors where my dad lives and they are very helpful. The doctors here seems to understand me more, and are helping quite a bit. Last time i saw my gp she was very worried about me and said for me to go to a and e right away to see an orthopedic because she was very concerned. This was last night by the way. Next week i have an appointment with the orthopedic team at london white chapel who work with children. MY QUESTION IS will the mri be able to show nerve damage... ? thankyou
GabbyGrixti123 responded:
also can a ultra sound, because i have asked for an mri and they said i was underage but i dont know for sure if these people will not let me get one thankyou
bj1208 responded:
Hi GabbyGrixti123 - welcome to the support group -

in regards to the MRI showing nerve damage - it depends - the MRI must be done with and without contrast dye - sometimes it does show a pinched nerve and sometimes they can be hidden behind a disc or bone and won't be visible. I don't know what the medical care is in England but I don't believe you are too young for an MRI - Here in the USA, MRI's CT Scans etc are given to children to help with diagnosis, etc. Hopefully the Orthopedic will agree and give you one.

there is a 2 part test that may also help - EMG with Nerve Conduction Test - this may be able to tell where the nerve is and if there is any damage to it. Again, this test may or may not show this.

Another test would be a Myelogram test.

You are so very young to have such a dramatic and painful situation. I trust that you do have good doctors around. what we try to suggest is that you see either a Orthopedic Spine Specialist or Neurosurgeon Spine Specialist. they are the only ones that can accurately read MRI/CT Scan etc., results. Hopefully they will be able to let you and your parents know what is going on and give a accurate diagnosis and let you know what type of treatment options are available.

Please keep us posted what you find out - prayers are with you~~
Take care~~

~~ Joy ~~

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