Funny How we all take Suboxone and have this horrible back pain.
TMCally posted:
I am experiencing horrific back pain. It's been going on now for at least 4 months, maybe longer, it's just become a part of my day so I'm not sure how long. I've never been treated for back pain, never really had issues. I suspect it could be a few things. I do not exercise and have very poor abdominal muscles. I have quite the "pregnancy pooch" from when my kids were born, so clearly the muscles in my front are not supporting my muscles in the back. Also, I do think that the suboxone plays a role, a limited role, but a role nonetheless. I have learned over the years that folks who depend on narcotics tend to end up with some type of lower back pain. I was told this by a drug and alcohol counselor. He said it was common for chronic narco users to get back pain during withdrawl. Now I'm not in withdrawl, I am on suboxone and I'm very pleased with how it works. After years of requiring some type of pain meds or others, I am finally not seeking out opiates, I'm living a good life while medicated for bi-polar and the suboxone keeps my pain and my head in check. The back pain I suspect is a by product of the suboxone use, and if true, is the price I pay for sanity and sobriety. Good wishes to all.