backbreaking posted:
Well, I had my epidural injection this afternoon about 3:30PM and I have not been able to tell a difference. Why can't a pain Dr. tell where the pain generator is? I'm so discouraged. I was so hoping this was going to help the back, leg and hip pain.

bj1208 responded:
Hi Brenda -

sometimes the steroid injections may take a while to start working. I've spoke to several members and sometimes they won't feel it working until they have the next injection ( usually 2 weeks apart).

So don't give up -

Also, did you discuss having the EMG & Nerve Conduction Test done? this would show if there is any nerve damage in the legs. If there is then I would discuss with the doc about prescribing Neurontin or Lyrica (both meds start out on low dose and slowly increased).

Let us know how you are doing~~
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~~ Joy ~~
backbreaking replied to bj1208's response:
Good Morning Joy, I would have thought I would have been able to feel the nerve pain in my leg if the Dr. had been injecting in the right place but I didn't. I didn't ask him about an EMG or Nerve Conduction Test. I did ask his nurse if this epidural or the one in two weeks didn't help if they could inject my hip to see if that's where the pain is coming from. I guess it will be a case of "seek and find".

Hope you have a good day today.