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    Complete Spine Xray
    Debsbears posted:
    Has anyone had one done? I am scheduled for a complete spine Xray on Tuesday. They said they need to do from C1 to my butt would that mean the hips/pelvis as well? They are not sure if I have dextroscoliosis or something else follow up appt isn't until Dec. 19th.

    I am curving to the right on my Xrays with a twisted aorta in the thoracic. When I stand I get horrific pain dead center of my back. Like something is pinching there. Anyone else have this? Thanks for your help, Deb
    bj1208 responded:
    hi Deb -

    it sounds as though it's just gonna be the spine. if they were gonna do the hips/pelvis they would have said. think what they may be looking for is curvature of the spine to see if that's what's causing the curving. if nothing shows on that then they should do the hips and pelvis.

    did they give you a copy of the order for the x-ray? usually they give me mine and tell me to go anywhere i want. you should be ab le to read that to see what is going on. if not if you know where ur having it done call them and see what it says.

    hope they can find out what's causing it - keep us posted
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    Debsbears replied to bj1208's response:
    I had it ordered and scheduled at one hospital. Then I got a call that the one hospital can't do it because their X-ray machine isn't long enough.

    The Dr. has ordered an all in one X-ray that measures 36". Wow that is a whole lot of me. It is to include every thing to the tip of my tailbone, which was broken in 1990.

    It is still scheduled for Tues. just 30 miles further away. I get to take it with me then I can look at it that sounds like fun. Thanks for your help Joy. Deb
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello, Deb.

    I don't have the curve to the right, but I have the curve outward called hyperkyphosis. The disc at T12/L1 has a broad-based herniation, there is a large osteophyte (spur) there, T12 had a small compression fracture from my falling on the ice right onto that area in January 1997, I have advanced stenosis in that area of my spine, and T12 and L1 are tipped outwards due to the hyperkyphosis. I often get a sharp pain right there after only a small amount of standing or other activity. That is the worst part of my spinal problems, but the other areas seem to get jealous and make sure I know they are there too.

    Sounds like you will have a comprehensive set of x-rays done. I pray for this will give your doctors the ability to develop a good treatment plan for you.
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    Debsbears replied to davedsel57's response:
    Well, I had the X-ray taken, they no longer do the 36" all in one X-ray, what they did was 3 separate X-rays at the same time, cervical, thoracic and lumbar and half down my legs - (I have a short body), then they loaded them into another machine where it takes them and spliced them together. What an idea, I do have the CD with me to take to my Dr on the 19th.

    I do have a "S" shape going on in the thoracic area so we will see what it is, I am not a Dr or radiologist so I have no clue what is going on. More Later, Deb
    Debsbears responded:
    The Doctors office called me on Friday to move the appt. up to this Wed. instead of the 19th. They also found on the X-ray that I have interposition of the intestines under the diaphragm and liver on the right side, he said they call it Chilaiditi Syndrome. Not sure what is going to happen.
    davedsel57 replied to Debsbears's response:
    We will keep praying, Deb. Please keep us updated.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    Debsbears responded:
    I got the results back not good to say the least -

    Findings: Hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine, S-shaped scoliosis of the thoracolumbar spine, approx. 11 degrees of dextroscoliosis at the thoracolumbar junction, approx. 8 degrees of compensatory levoscoliosis involving upper lumbar spine.

    Cardiomegaly is present.

    Moderate distention of the stomach, multiple air filled loops of bowel are seen throughout the upper to mid abdomen.

    Recommendations: Wait on surgery as long as possible, repeat X-ray in 6 months, he said he if fearing a major change in those months considering 3 months ago I did not have any measuring amounts of degrees - it just started. He said I am looking at a 12 to 15 vertebrae fusion.

    I am to call my Cardio Doc. as cardiomegaly is a serious problem. I am to call my GI Doc. because it is not good to have intestines up in my chest..

    What a day - I did call my Heart Doctor they want me in asap this can't wait until next week - I am going in on Friday - please pray - I am a little concerned as both my parents had heart problems - my mom died at age 50 massive heart attack, my dad had 4 heart attacks before he was 55 but died of colon cancer at 73. I am 56. Thanks Deb.
    bj1208 replied to Debsbears's response:
    Hi Deb -

    Am so sorry about everything going on and you do have a lot.

    I've tried to follow your posts so if you've already done this then disregard~~

    regarding your spine issues - was this a 2nd opinion you had? if not then I would get a send and maybe a 3rd opinion so that you know exactly what you are up against, etc.

    As far as your other diagnosis getting those taken care of asap is vital and I can understand putting the spine issues on hold til these are done.

    please know that you are in good hands and prayers are with you.

    keep us posted how you are doing and what all you find out. Am sending Fairy Dust your way to help with pains and also to help reduce stress~~

    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    Debsbears replied to bj1208's response:
    Hi Joy, thanks for your reply and your prayers.

    The best way to let you know what is going is to send you to my it tells all.

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