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Unexpted extra back pain
trs1960 posted:
I've been really busy and my lower back was really hurting. I assumed it was just from doing too much as usual. Last Saturday night I couldn't handle it and went to ER. I feel like I'm betraying my pain doc if I go to ER because it means I'm not managing my pain as we have agreed...well it turns out I have a bladder or urinery tract infection so the pain in my lower back was something dangerous!
Lesson learned, don't just write off back pain as the smae old stuff.

davedsel57 responded:
Hi, Tim.

Sometimes it is hard to determine exactly what is causing pain when we live with high levels of chronic pain. In 2004 my doctor was convinced I had a hernia and sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon said it was a disc in my back. Had an MRI and went to a neurosurgeon, and it was indeed a broad-based herniated at T12/L1. I've had chest pains that the doctors were convinced were cardiac related but after testing it proved to be my spine.

You are totally right, though, never discount a new pain as just part of the same old problem - get it checked out.

Glad this worked out so well for you. How are you doing otherwise? Plans still on to retire/get SSD soon?
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bj1208 responded:
Hi Tim -

I'm so glad you went to the ER instead of waiting. Now you have the meds to get that taken care of.

It's a hard lessen to learn as you don't know if it's from overdoing things, sleeping in wrong position or weather changes. I think a rule of thumb is needed for those of us with chronic pains. If you can't get it under control in a couple of days then it's time to see primary doc, to start with.

I know if I get a cold, sinus infection etc., seems to set something off and my pains in my lower back are soooo bad. and as I start to get over it my back pains go back to their "normal" pains! LOL

Hope you start to feel better - keep us posted -
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~
trs1960 replied to bj1208's response:
Still fighting the UTI. It's better, but not completely clear. So 10 more days of antibiotics.

I talked to my GP today and we talked about work. He said of all his patients there's me and a lady that he feels should actually be on ndisability, but keep working. He gets tons of people that should be working that want disability.

He also stated that it's my decision and noone can understand, but me so if I can keep going he supports me, but warned me to tread cautoisiously. I agree with him and I'm thinking sometime in 2013 I'll hang it up. My company maintains my family's medical for the remainder of the year I go on disability and one year after so that would get me to 2015 and we should have something on the national health care plan settled by then...maybe.

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