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Cervical Kyphosis
austinl posted:
There were some much earlier posts regarding cervical kyphosis. I'm sure those posters have moved on but I wanted to post for anyone who is searching for information.

I have kyphosis of the cervical spine. The normal c-spine is shaped in a slight c shape but I have lost that shape and my c-spine is now straight. I have been in severe pain for over three years. I had all the normal tests done and went to specialist after specialist. I had an MRI done that I took with me to all these specialists. This included spine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, osteopathic and later two rounds of physical therapy which only made it worse. I also tried acupuncture. My PCP had me go through too many drugs to count. I finally ended up on opioid treatment and was basically told that was the only thing that could be done with me. Basically, take my pills and deal with it.

Every time I took my MRI to a specialist I was told there was no way my condition could cause me pain.

Finally I found a chiropractor and took my MRI to him. He immediately saw the kyphosis and also two levels where my cervical discs were protruding into the canal. He has been treating me for about 13 weeks now. Once a week he does a small adjustment or adjustments and then I get a massage. The massage therapist and the chiropractor sat down and looked at my films together so they know EXACTLY what they are treating.

For the first time in over three years, my pain level is decreasing. It's a long slow process. My chiropractor makes very small changes each visit. And then the massage therapist works her magic.

I'm still on pain meds but if things continue this way I will be able to get off them soon. The pain had been excrutiating up until this treatment. There is hope out there. Don't give up!! Don't accept pain as something you have to "deal with". Keep looking for the cause!! And don't let people make you feel guilty if you end up needing pain medication at some point. I went through so many days, weeks, months of needless pain.

I'm considering talking to a pain management psychiatrist soon to help me get off the medication safely. I also need to talk to someone about the whole experience. It really takes its toll and leaves you in a lot of emotional turmoil. Even when you are getting better.

I cannot stand the thought of others suffering like this. I was passed from "specialist" to "specialist" with no help whatsoever. It would have been really easy to give up, but somehow I am still here. Stay strong, keep searching. Do you research and don't let other people tell you that chiropractic cannot help you. If done correctly, and done with a knowledgable chiropractor who has tools like and MRI it can be done and it CAN help. So far I have had no negative effects. It can be sore and painful for a couple of days but I am getting more and more days that are low pain days. Don't give up!!
davedsel57 responded:
Hello and welcome.

Among other spinal problems, I have hyperkyphosis of the thoracic area of my spine. It is frustrating to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. I have been to every local spine specialist know what that is like.

I am also a proponent of chiropractic care. It is not for everyone, but many people do get relief from a regular adjustment. I saw a top area neurosurgeon and he was very glad I was seeing a chiropractor and knew my chiro. The neurosurgeon said that unless I have the regular adjustments I could possibly be in a wheelchair soon. So far, I am still walking but with some difficulty and a cane at times.

Chiropractic care is so beneficial for many people and for many reasons. I used to get severe asthmatic bronchitis every January but have not had a bout with this ailment since I started getting adjustments almost 10 years ago.

Chiropracty is a very controversial subject, especially in this WebMD Back Pain Community and the WebMD Pain Management Community. Many have had bad experiences, but I am very thankful for my chiro.

Keep doing your research. Keep moving as much as possible. Keep a positive attitude.
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