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    Adult adhd with GAD, shuermans disease severe pain
    the_chef posted:
    I have severe ADHD with GAD and shuermans disease growing up as a child there where not treatment for either, in 1996 i was injured on the job IE right shoulder went out on work comp was diagnosed with shuermans with a 25 percent disability rating in 1996 was so lucky to find a doctor to help me my Adult ADHD and severe pain from accident i was on and off name brand Dexedrine could not afford the 300 dollar a month prescription only thing that worked was name brand Dexedrine generic was no good, at the same time after work comp settlment wich i was forced into, IE not on medication at the time, my injury to right shoulder was never treated right was a quick lets get u therapy and settle this case the same blesed doctor was so kind to give me diladide pain meds well i was only on the pain killers for a few months i felt so much better after lots of rest so i quit< not a good choice> went back to work i had mild to severe problems with my right arm not my shoulder joint i feels like everything is ripping away from the bone and does so severely now well on and off my meds a bad choice to quit my job in which i have had so many not able to work a full year in my whole life i am now 49 became homeless and unemployed in 2010 lack off meds and terrible pain and every time i stop taking my meds things get worse with adhd and gad the gad was manageable, well not the case now, I am a chef very good one love it wish i could still do it, during this period i went to a chiropractor which gave me lots of relief putting my shoulder back in placed for several months i felt so much better and got back on Dexedrine, but didn't last so expensive and everything went bad homeless and ended up in bad situation so this guy i met was living in Misery oops Missouri with his woman and kept trying to get me to go to Missouri from Kansas so i did in January 2011 so i could file for social security it was clear i could not work ever again my ADHD and GAD is so bad was the worst choice states to move to wel finaly after over a year and going to the er for my adhd telling them i was suicidal only option left, i finally got into mental health facility not behavior health b cause there is none in this city i live in any ways i finally got on some sort of Dexedrine<generic> better than nothing at all i guess well in 2011 January applied for ssd was denied twice now i am apealing nto enough documentation because i lost all my medical records well ive been to three pain management clinics here and because there is such a serious problem with prescription pills here i mean really bad, that the first one i went to was up front i didnt ask for any medications im not prescribing u any narcotics didnt ask for them went there because my pain is getting so bad now with my arm not my shoulder joint and my back upper lower and the top of my spine is pinching a nerve to the right side of my head where the spine ends well i didn't go back to that doctor he was so rude to me so looked found a doctor 80 miles away well i went to that doctor tried to explain to him and little did i know they only do injections and he was like i think i can really help u let me inject u i have to trust a doctor knows what he i s doing, wrong very wrong well he said let me inject u with this u will feel so much better and i need an xray of your neck once again not medicated properly where i am here not on distant planet so he injected me in my neck where i had not symptoms or noticeable problems and since i am taking 3200+ milligrams ibuprofen to try to even get out of bed not really ok with adhd well he injected me with florugide in my neck when he stuck the needle in it crunched so bad the pain was terrible left went the third md and he was straight up i can inject u in shoulder but im not giving any narcotics didnt ask for any so here i am stuck in missouri waiting for SSD did get Mo health net so it at least reconized i have medical issues at the end of my road anyinput

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    can any one help me with some kind directive i just want to give up life at this point but thats not an option strong will to live please some one help me pleassssse
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    davedsel57 responded:

    What I can share with you is that there is always help and always hope.

    Read through the Tip at the top of this WebMD Back Pain Community that lists the recommended steps for getting back pain treated and diagnosed. For an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan, you will need to start with a spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal orthopedic surgeon. The next step would be to see a pain management specialist that is a physiatrist. This type of specialist focuses on various pain management methods and does not solely rely on prescription medications.

    I pray you can get the treatment and relief you need soon.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    bj1208 responded:
    Hi and welcome to the support group -

    Dave has, as always, given you great advise~~

    I live in MO (KC area) so am close to KS. I have SSDI along with my hubby's insurance so I can go to MO or KS for my treatments etc.,

    get an attorney that handles only disability claims and maybe worker's comp too. You should also show documentation from the worker's comp situation. There may be a way to open that - not sure but maybe. The attorney will not require a fee up front as they will take a percentage of what they collect. They will be able to file for you. You will need to provide all doc's etc that you have seen.

    since you are on MO healthnet you will have a struggle with getting a referral to a spine specialist so start with your primary care doc or call your case manager and see what you need to do.

    Seeing a pain management specialist is vital as they will help you with pain management control. I see a PHYSIATRIST Pain Specialist - they go deeper into pain management control based on patients needs.

    You should see if you can go to a teaching university hospital (has to be on MO side) as they would have the best and newest tests for properly diagnosing and treatments.

    Hope this helps - as Dave says there is help out there just need to get to the right direction for it. Keep us posted what you find out~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    the_chef replied to bj1208's response:
    Yes i do have an attorny i had records in kansas where i have live my whole life till1 1/2 years ago became homless couldnt wprk anymore i went to the first pain managment doc and i was stupid enough to let him inject my spine where i had no noticable prob when he inj me it crunched and hurt so deeply i had to go to the er now my neck hurts so bad i went back an explain to him he said id be happy to give another inject but i wont do any thing 4 youre pain so i found anther pain mng doctor he was so rude he gave me a script 4 phys therapy cant use my arm no repair for this my shoulder droops so bad the pain is evil its not my joint its my muscle in my back that are compromised its like every thing is ripping of my bones on my arm not my joint the wasted mri they did showed minor inflammation nothing i didn't know and back issues are so bad i need a doctor that can help mange my ADHD and GAD and shuermans but im in 1 of the poorest states i never had trouble like this in kansas but im stuck in the middle of nowhere depending on people i dont even know, i appreciate them a lot ive already had social security deni me twice so on my appeal the judge was very biased i don't have a case manager i am scared to death of the doctors here they are ignorant and the drug problem here is so bad with pilss people like me get dumped i really dnt know what to do feel like giving and that's not an option oh and the shingle outbreaks and the 3200 milligrams of ibuprofen i shouldn't be taking for kidneys and liver one doctor even told just keep doing that ive tried to get a referral to a spine doctor but have no transportation and the people here are really poor cant keep driving all over the state trying to find doctors, ive been to the er 4 5 times this year for either my pain or my Gad have no meds and im not taking medications like anti phsychotic or anti depressant been there long ago they are evil drugs, man im so tired of all this explaining over and over and over to doc people i guess i have suck it up keep going to the er till they get tired of me and send me to the right place i keep getting treat like im just there for dope very insulting not sure if i cant get work comp records or doc records from 1996 i am trying , i just cant do this by myself anymore cant talk to people on the phone cant go out in public have such panic attacks, and only part way medicated for adhd because they are so rude where i go because they treat schizophrenia bipolar manic depression they have qualified doc for adult adhd but i found a doctor i need to call 80 miles away that spec in ADHD and gad so hope after the new year i get ahold of them but like i said if it wasn't for the people i stay with and feel so bad putting these things on them, so you see my dilemma not that i am in severe pain for the night just to type this out its a nightmare i just wanna wake up for this,
    bj1208 replied to the_chef's response:
    hi and yes I do see what you are up against.

    My oldest daughter has MS, Bipolar, Boarder line personality disorder, mild schizophrenia and has epileptic seizures. So I fully understand what you are going thru.

    what part of MO are you living in? If you can, google PHYSIATRIST in your area and see what it shows up or do PAIN MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS as it should show this too. many of them have websites so you can research those.

    Physiatrist Pain Specialists will have a set of specialized spine physicians that they can refer you to. but with MOHealth Ins you need referrals from your primary doc in order to see specialists and I hear sometimes this can be a drawn out process - be sure to contact your case worker too -

    I hope that you can get to a doctor soon - please let us know how you are doing and what you find out - take care~~
    ~~ Click on my name or picture and read my story ~~

    Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

    ~~ Joy ~~
    the_chef responded:
    Well its now how ever long this post original been,I now have multiple spine issues needing surgery the rota tor cuff on the right needing surgery in 2012 but originally needed surgery in 1998 no the unauthorized botched injection in C5 or C6 when he crunched my spine with that needle after 30 minutes of traumatizing me next thing i new i was on a table with a needle being shoved in my spine with flouroguide, i never consented and he did not inform me that this could paralyze you do you still want me to do this, i have trigger finger on left hand and the 2 middle fingers hurt like there broken and they say over and over naw that cant be related not to mention that tor my left Rota tor cuff i will not let any doctor in the state of Missouri touch me i had my psychiatrist screaming at me jumping up and down stomping here feet Sha Vaishali MD, because she could get her way it took her almost 2 years to actually look at my records or chart and realized i have been using medicinal cannabis i almost laughed when she asked me, same day after pain managment in horrable pain i just tor it the day before so off i go to my family bdoctor for horrid poison ivy and multiple spider bites i have one size of a golf ball on my left elbow well they xray my shoulder and part of back and oh get this they xrayed my spider bite, well they basically laughed me to the door after telling me nope i aint seen nothing on that xray and we want you to go over to the hospital and get traumatized and lay in a horrible position and get you a IV antibiotic i said i don't want no needles and i am going nowhere near that hospital well i guess you go home then no antibiotics no nothing but an escort to the door because another Indian doctor not meaning to be offensive but my psychiatrist my family doctor my pain management doctor and not a one treats you with respect and its my way or the highway there are so many here, so here i sit sick as a dog from poison getting into blood stream and i am in such horrible pain cant think cant don't sleep because i cant lay down,my government has failed me bad waited till all my work credits ran out than decided we give 428.00 dollars a month to live on, theres no kind of help here have called an called
    the_chef replied to davedsel57's response:
    The only hope is enough people speak out there are so many people here have no business on disability, i have burned and exhausted ever resource there is no help got robbed of my meds for the third time now last week and here they can break and enter you're house and steal you're medication at will its a free for all they don't take police reports for breaking and entering and taking you're medications, and you don't dare tell you're doctor i did the second time, and she again started screaming at me threatening to take my meds away. after adult protective services came out oh ya she is friends with the people the complaints i made so you know not even an investigation not even one phone call and there were serious allegations of exploitation and neglect and verbal abuse
    the_chef replied to bj1208's response:
    and if anybody does not believe me type in a new browser is there plaguing pill problem in Rolla MO 65401
    jmm1208 replied to the_chef's response:
    Hi and welcome back

    I have been trying to decide how to respond and what to say.

    I live in KC and when I have been to with my surgeon or to my pain doc I have spoke to patients who have driven several hours for the appointment. I dont know what your driving options are but it may be in your best interest to either come to KC or Springfield to see a specialist that can help you. It may be best to try and get into a University Hospital where proper diagnosis and treatment plans can be done.

    I dont know why you are having problems with your scripts getting ripped off but I do know filing a police report and having the papers to show this would be in your best interest and would show your doctors hat you are proving the fact.. Keeping meds properly stored and out of sight out of mind is the most important part of ourselves.

    I know smaller towns do have more problems involving scripts being stolen but it does happen all over.

    I would also consider going to hospital to be treated for the poison oak/ivy and spider bites especially the spider bites as we do have recluse spiders and they are bad this year. So to be safe you really need to get that taken care of.

    there really isn't much more to say except with your back issues as stated above to go to either KC or Springfield to a bigger University Hospital for better care etc.

    please keep us posted

    the_chef replied to jmm1208's response:
    UN fortunately they do not take police reports here they can break and enter at will take every med u have nothing you can do i turned the pharmacy in because for six months they were taking my meds even before for i got them , it started out at 2 then over time it was up to ten the first three months i was like ok maybe i took them but by the time ten i called the other sinks pharmacy, my psychiatrist started jumping up and down screaming at me disrupted the whole office , not even an apology for that little trauma, the hospital is so scary i refuse to go my pain management doc keeps telling me i don't know why you are wasting you're time you will never see a dime , i reached out to my estranged family that live in Leavenworth waste of time , i need to get back to Kansas for care my attorney keeps telling me to go somewhere else there is no where else doctors can treat say whatever they want here no accountability, i know this sounds crazy but on my fathers resting soul its like a medical circus circus, i have take a cab to get food or prescriptions and that just don't leave enough to spend 30.00 one time a month to do laundry and i don't have any cloths well technically they are rags now i got my 6 years use out of them no shoes for winter, i love my government
    the_chef responded:
    well i had another MRI yesterday,since i tore my left rota tor cuff getting out of bed, i keep telling them when that doctor in Jefferson mo injected my spine and crunched it in even thru the screaming he got it in tho i have had bad issues since with my neck and what was left of my posture keeping up i am tilted so far over now i fall over at times, my psychiatrist wants to play god with my medication she made sure i ran out this month took an act of god to get them refilled, my blood pressure was so bad anxiety down the drain all those weeks of trying to get better from this Indian doctor jumping up and down screaming at me at the top of her lungs disrupted the whole facility, when i went back no apology nothing but more trying to dig in my personal life nothing she does covers medication management, but she is going to cause me a stroke anurism heart attack,at the age my father died from anurism,when i go to see the orthopedic surgeon i will have the exact same senerio that i did in 2012, my psychiatrist is keeping me unstable because her personal opinion is how she decides my fate still under medication management , and no one will substantiate meaning doctors that my condition existed when i applied for SDI from working my whole life don't know when i will have my ODAR hearing, because this SSI is bullcrud, this is the meanest community i ever been stuck in, there is no kinda help here and the last part is Anapey Hearld my savior and life partner we both saved each other from sure death she is faithful but has severe separation issues and i will not abandon her, she is to special, no one to care for her id rather die than be away or loose her,,i have reached out called contacted, any and everyone i can at no prevail if i was lazy six kids and did nothing i would have been approved,so fatigued only have 4 maybe 5 hours out of every day i am not miserable never have asked for anything here

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