CT scan results
flagfox posted:
The results of the scan; "Spina bifida occulta with developmental anomaly of the posterior elements. Multilevel disc disease which results in some abutment of the exiting left nerve root at L4-5. There is bilateral foraminal stenosis at L5-S1 with some abutment of the exiting L5 nerve roots left greater than right. The central canal remains patent. 6.2 degree of levo convexity which may be due to muscle spasm."
davedsel57 responded:

For help interpreting the results of your CT Scan, here is a link to a page on Chirogeek.com: http://www.chirogeek.com/003_CT-Axial_Tutorial.htm

Here is a link to the WebMD Spina Bifida Directory: http://children.webmd.com/spina-bifida-directory

After you have read through this information you can ask us question. Please be aware we are not doctors, just lay people who live with chronic spinal problems and pain. The assigned experts no longer reply to posts.

I pray you can treatment and relief soon.
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