Mystery back pain
Lizv4 posted:
If anyone can help me!!! I'm a 33 year old woman That has no idea what is happening to her body. I was told by my parents I was born paralyzed from the waist down. I remember some things about me growing up going back and remembering that I used to drag myself to get around. Elementary school came around and I remember possibly in the second grade I was already walking and I would get sent home with braces on my legs. Time went on and my legs got better. In my teenager years I remember having a lot of trouble with my niece popping out. At 15 I got pregnant have my daughter at 16. I had so much trouble with pregnancy. I continue to get better. After I have my second child I noticed that every time I got pregnant had severe pain and I started having surgeries on my abdomen. I had for my appendix removed, gallbladder, cyst removals. At my 3rd Pregnancy I lost the Baby. I had a tubal pregnancy. 4th Pregnancy trouble with pregnancy 5th child trouble with pregnancy I was told at that time my Uterus was weak and that I had Endometriosis. I was 15 with my first pregnancy and also had trouble of anemia. After years of pain I decided to have a hysterectomy. The doctor said it would fix my pain problem. After surgery I ended up getting a blood clot on my leg traveled up. Had to get 2 filters put in an blood thinners a lot of things happened after that with nurse care and landed me in the hospital for over a month. It's has been two years now and I noticed that there has been so much other pain and I'm not sure this is related to the surgery or with my past. Doctors have diagnosed me with lupus and arthritis. They did damage my nerves because Bags had to be put into my kidneys. I do understand that some of the back pain comes from that but approximate 3 months ago I started feeling severe pain on my lower back into my tailbone and down my legs. I'm constantly in pain it's a throbbing sharp pain and numbness and I am an little scared that it does have to do with my birth paralyzation. I am tired of taking so much medications. I'm going to so much pain and it seems like nothing that I'm taking is helping so I'm not sure of is a wrong diagnosed. If anyone out there knows what is happening to me or has experiences please respo.
aprilrose9 responded:
Im sorry to see that you have such a complicated and extensive medical hx. Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer but my best wishes that you find someone who will comprehensively look over your symptoms and previous hx. You do need a brilliant hero from the medical community. Perhaps, research who is rated top in their field, close enough to travel, and try to see the specialist that seems to cover your most critical symptoms. I know when you have been sick for a long time, resources can be limited. Whish I could be of more help.