Persistent upper back pain
girlsofsummer posted:
I'm a late-20's female runner. I've never had upper/middle back pain like this. It started when I was running over a month ago, and now the pain in constant. I've seen chiropractors, had a massage, iced it, stopped running/any exercising for a week, taken aleve and nothing has worked. The pain radiates up and over my shoulders and continues no matter my position (standing, lying or sitting). I wake up with the pain and it lasts all day.

This morning, I woke up with chest (lung?) pain. It could be totally unrelated but it's worth mentioning.
trs1960 responded:
I think you should see a good physiatrist to check alignment or rib issues. Get to the bottom of it before it turns into a chronic issue that is impossible to fix!

You don't need a pan doc just a good ortho. Hopefully a ortho trained in physiatrist as he can help figure it out. Could just be a rib out, but you need more then guessing.

girlsofsummer replied to trs1960's response:
Thanks, I appreciate it. The fact that it's preventing me from exercising is almost worse than the pain itself