jamiejam1970 posted:
I know Robaxin is a muscle relaxer but, if you are allergic to something in it, could it cause sever aches throughout the body?
bj1208 responded:
Hi JamieJam1970 - welcome to the support group -

when you say aches are these kinda like flu symptoms and are you also having fever, chills - these are the main side effects of the medication of both Robaxin and methocarbamol (an ingredient in Robaxin).

have you discussed this with your prescribing physician? there are a lot of different muscle relaxers that can be tried.

Hopefully you can find one that does not cause these side effects. Please keep us posted~~
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jamiejam1970 replied to bj1208's response:
Thank you, and yes it is just like flu like symptoms, I'm also having nose bleeds and I have not had a nose bleed since I was a teen! I'm also bruising very very easy now too. It does not help with the pain it is just causing more. I will talk to my Doctor this Monday at my appointment.
Thank again:)