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Weaned off narcotics
Anon_142036 posted:
have been on narcotics for orver 5 years and the last month I took
only 30mg of Kadian and 2 10mg oxicodone. I stopped all of it on the 20th of Feb. I was put on Cymbalta. I took 1 pill and that was it. The pain went away but the headache,nausea,diarreha were unbarable. You have to wean off Cymbalta so I did not take a second pill. I am now on Celebrex, 2 Gabapentin, both 2 times a day and gabapentin at night. you can take up to 1800mg a day with the Gab. It helps me a lot and I will also get cortizone shots in my back. I would raather live with some pain and NO NARCOTICS. I do have Oxycodone for real bad pain, but it will have to be real bad before I take it. Yeah for me!
bj1208 responded:
HI and welcome -

that's great - just be careful as it does take a while to get the narcotics out of your system and the withdrawal effects will be felt for a while.

I take gabapentin for the nerve damage in both legs and i take 1800 mg 2Xdaily (total 3600mg daily) so be careful on this med too as this med must be slowly reduced over a period of time before coming off it.

I wish you continued luck - be sure to call your doc if you have worse problems during this transition.
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~
4sandishore replied to bj1208's response:
Thank you Joy,
I am so aware of the drugs. I took the Gabapentin for a long time and was taking it with the narcotic. My husband found me non-resonsive and blue on the floor in Nov. 2012. I remained in a coma for a few days. I was lucky I was found. A week after returning home he found me having a seziure. back to the hospital. When I returned home I began my weaning off the drugs. It took almost 3 months. I am no longer sick with N/V and I feel more normal. Some pain but I will get my injections next week. Thanks again for your Blessing. Susan
trs1960 replied to 4sandishore's response:
The least amount of drugs to keep you comfortable are always best. You say you we're basically comatose for a few days...that's interesting as in Germany they actually use ketamine to induce a coma in chronic pain patients. The reasoning is that the coma acts as a reset on your entire neurological system. This means the pain centers may reset and not remain in the pain state. This is pretty new and I believe Gernany is the only country that approves it as a medical procedure
4sandishore replied to trs1960's response:
Thank you for the information. Other countries seem to come up with interesting issues in the medical field. Puts us behind.
I am gun shy of the meds now, so I live with 5 pain rate instead of 8and 9. I am getting 2 shots this month in my back so I will get some relief. I have Oxycodone as a break through drug but I am shy of that too. They do not know what caused the coma and the seziure. So I am careful. I will be 70 in May and my system has changed a lot. Thank you again for the info. Have a great day. Susan
trs1960 replied to 4sandishore's response:
Yes, sometimes it seems the DEA is keeping needed medicine out of our hands, but also remember the FDA may be saving our life? It's a hard road to define... Like you, I'm trigger shy of many of the meds. My doctor says "I'll write you a script for anything you want, because I know you fear the drugs more than I [he> do." It sounds a bit artificially manly, but in fact it is the opposite. I've had some horrifying experiences brought about by some of the stronger classes of analgesics. We live in a complex scenario, one of which there is no simple solution. Often times less is more because more is too much. Too much? Well you'll know it when it stares at you as an inferior solution than death itself. When fear, anxiety, stress and pain take away your very soul.
4sandishore replied to trs1960's response:
You are so right! Thanks

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