trs1960 posted:
Of course I get time off work to lick my wounds and I end up sick as a dog. I'm going to my primary in a few hours, but I wanted to go with family on a trip this weekend
trs1960 responded:
Interesting side note. Two weeks ago my blood pressure was 190 /100 Eight days before that it was 207/110.

Today after being off work for two weeks and being sick it is 114/72. My doctor used the empirical data to remind me my job is killing me!
Debsbears replied to trs1960's response:
Hi Tim sorry to hear you are sick while you are suppose to be at home "resting" for a few weeks.

I am also sorry to have read that you will need to go on disability - I am not a guy but I do know that while I was a single female parent raising two children I was also faced with the same situation - keep working and hurt myself more or quit while I could and go on disability.

My decision was not an easy one - I was the only one bringing in the money (my children were only 10 and 12 at the time) so I went to part-time at first, but ended up going on disability. At first I was on SSI with medicaid for me and my children - 2 yrs later I could get SSI and SSDI with both Medicare and Medicaid - my children also rec'd monies monthly plus Medicaid until they turned 18 due to my disability.

Tim we have to do what we must - I did not want to go this route but my Drs told me I was disabled and sent the paper work in on my behalf - I did get a lawyer which paid off.

All worked out - food was always in the house and on the table, bills were paid on time - and for me the biggest blessing of all was I got to spend more time with my children because I wasn't working 12 hrs a day anymore.

Okay now you know that the work place was hurting you big time as seen in your bp. I will keep praying for you as you make your desicion - it will not be easy but you will be okay health wise. Deb
Kharma replied to Debsbears's response:
I feel so sorry that we have chosen incomprehensible language
Has commissioned experts to translate
Can be read now.