Kidney pain, UTI? Please help
nickbusc posted:
here are my symtoms.

Right side pain in kidney area, front and back right below the ribs. past 2 months getting worse over the past 2 weeks.

penis tip and urethra pain, 2 months off and on and getting worse over the past 2 weeks. also recently noticing aching in between anus and testicles, in the prostate area.

some bladder discomfort when bladder is full, urinating a little more then usual but i have been drinking a lot of fluids lately.

went to my PCP and urine tested positive for Protein and leukocytes, Tested negative for any STD's. Also got blood work done and apparently all my liver/kidney functions are normal.

High blood pressure, Headaches, and waves of slight vision change, seeing tiny black dots.

Waves of confusion and anxiety rising heartbeat, when this happens i get a racing feeling in my chest and slight chest pain. this happens once a day, over the past 3 days.

I am curious if i had a UTI but it spread to my kidneys or the possibility of kidney disease or Prostatitis

fatigue, been sleeping more than usual.

I was perscribed Bactrim and was diagnosed with a UTI by my PCP but i wanted to get another opinion. i have been taking it for 24 hours now with no change in symptoms. I am shedueled next week for an ultrasound on my abdomin, bladder pelvis etc... but am worried that i waited too long to get help and waiting longer might put myself at danger. i went to the ER last night and they told me to just keep taking my antibiotic and if symptoms get worse to call my PCP or come back in.
bj1208 responded:
Hi and welcome to the support group -

unfortunately we cannot help you on this as this is a support group for chronic spine issues.

here is a site on kidney issues that may help you -

hope and pray you can find the answers you need.
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