Right hip and now lower back pain
Aries6674 posted:
Greetings all- About a year ago I started having pain in my right hip- on and off. Then it was more on than off. Then the pain spread to my lower back on the right side but only when I am sitting or lying down. Does not bother me when I am walking or standing. Now as the weeks have went by the pain is spreading more across my lower back. My right hip still bothers me but only if I get it into a certain position. Maybe the back pain is overshadowing it? Sometimes I can reposition my right leg and it will give me some pain relief. OTC pain meds do not help. I can live with the pain, I'm just wondering what may be causing it. I have not suffered an injury of any type. I do an excercise routine 5 days a week but it is not strenous. I use the elliptical mostly and have done this faithfully now for about 8 years.
trs1960 responded:
In my opinion I would start with a good physicial therapist. You may have one leg shorter than the other or some pathalogical issue that is causing discomfomfort and pain. Un treated it may turn in to a true spine issue so please start your research.