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Inversion Tables before and after back surgery
pooh5724 posted:
I was brought to this page in bing search of inversion tables and clicked on one labeled--'Do inversion tables work'......and the post I was reading on says it is from 4 years ago! I would like to know of any new folks that have used inversion tables, whether before or after back surgery, or no back surgery and how they helped them, or didn't in the long run. I am personally going to be having a very major back surgery in the near future, while I await my disability, as required by my surgeon, as it will be quite financially expensive, requiring help, besides my having daily pain with my disc degenerative disease, along with now severe scoliosis....basically my bottom 5 disc are gone in my spine. Please advise if you have used an inversion table, which ones, as I do have trouble even to lie on my back, so looking for ones with cushion or ones that maybe I can lie on with my actual spine not being forced to lie on hard surface. Thanks to ANYone or everyone that can reply to me and possibly giving me some insight about inversion tables. In some of my readings, some say not advisable to use after surgery, so don't want to invest in a really nice/expensive one, if I cannot use it after I have this massive surgery that is due in my future. Thanks!!!
bj1208 responded:
Hi Pooh5724 -

I can tell you that I have a Fusion (L5-S1) and there is no way that I can ever use an inversion table - not just me - but anyone who has a fusion - as there should not be any pulling stretching etc of the back so that no damage can come to the plate etc.

Hopefully more members who use this and that it has helped will post their good results -
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~
pooh5724 replied to bj1208's response:
Thanks BJ! This is part of what I'm wondering, as I know I will be having multiple fusions done with my back surgery, and although I'm not sure when this will take place...., after disability kicks in, I quite smoking, financies are arranged etc. But in hearing so many talk of the pain relief the table does give, I fell I should purchase a low end/price one as I may not be able to use after my surgery. I hope also, that more members come thru with their personal experiences on them on here.

Again, thanks for your response!!!
pooh5724 replied to pooh5724's response:
I really want to hear from some other of you folks, that have had experience in using an inversion table for you back pain and/or problems, whether good or bad.....please, and thanks!!!
dianer01 replied to pooh5724's response:
Hi pooh,

I have had L3-s1 fused and was warned against using an inversion table or boots because of the pressure it will put on the disks above the fusion.

I do have a friend who has scoliosis and has used one for many years and it has helped with pain relief. She has never had any type of spine surgery.

You might want to talk to your doc before trying this.
pooh5724 replied to dianer01's response:
Thanks, yes my Dr said it would be fine to use now, and I'd already read and heard of not being able to use after I have many fusions and other things in my surgery......glad to hear your friend, also with scoliosis, says it has helped with their pain. That is all I need now is the ease in some of the pain hopefully and any other benefit it may give me at this time. I actually did find a top of line used one today and just got it home. Anxious to try first time tomorrow. Thanks Diane!!
bj1208 replied to pooh5724's response:
Hi Pooh5724 - again!

I would be very careful as you stated the bottom 5 disc are no longer there. depending on how long ago this happened your discs could have fused together (sometimes happens) and they may not be very sturdy. using the inversion table may cause more damage to those discs.

please keep us posted how you are doing~~
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Take care ~~ God Bless ~~

~~ Joy ~~

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